Yamaha YSP-1400 Sound Bar Review!

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  1. nice vid i really enjoy your content ceep it up, what is ur favorite
    digitle camera for vids cuz im on a budget

  2. What I don’t understand, how is this mimmicking surround sound 5.1? Or even
    7.1 with some sound bars.. The entire POINT of surround sound, is that the
    speakers are all around you, a sound bar is in front of you, theirs no
    possible way you can MIMMICK surround sound that way, it’s just not

  3. Yeah, what is he thinking adding sponsors to help him keep making videos on
    products for us to enjoy. What a douche right?…GTFO of here with your

  4. anything with digital and sound will suck. and anyone disagreeing probably
    has no clue what analog means or is. we are moving backwards thinkin its
    great lol

  5. $400 sound bar is just dumb! No way are u getting deep bass from that. Just
    because there are 2 speakers bigger than the others doesn’t make it a
    subwoofer. My 2 cents. Buy whatever u want!

  6. i have the same loud quite problem with ever tv and speakers, I’m sure it
    more of a movie sound thing not the speaker but still its annoying 


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