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Winter Nights Makeup Tutorial

Pics and more info!: Happy Holiday Season, makeup geeks! I really like how this look turned out, so I hope…

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  1. I’m confused because I consider this look wearable! Anyway, there are so many “wearable” looks on YouTube that it’s far more exciting to see some more glamorous tutorials.

  2. Very pretty look! I can imagine myself trying it out for new year’s evening. 🙂 I have green eyes and a very fair complexion so I think this will be very suitable.
    I love blue and purple but I rarely use those I have, so thanks!

    I like that you said “you don’t have to wear any lip product if you don’t want” as I barely have any and I’m much more relaxed (and kissable) without. 🙂

  3. I don’t get it… @2:13 she says that beaches and cream is her skin color but if you’re darker, use cream brûlée. And then she used cream brûlée. I thought she just said she was beaches and cream??

  4. She doesn’t only use her own products. You would know if you actually watched the whole video. And I agree with Tyisha Stephen – she can use whatever she chooses to. It totally makes sense that she would be proud of and want to incorporate her own products into her looks. It’s not as if you can’t purchase them. Compared to other beauty gurus who do tons of looks with products that are sponsored, Marlena is much more genuine and gives honest and good makeup advices.

  5. Couldnt agree with you more . shes proud of her line she uses nyx loreal maybelline and other high end stuff too. besides this is how she makes a living too. people have no probs buying stuff from loreal maybelline when on their website they use ONLY their products on the models for a demo video !!!! Marlena is a genius

  6. I love your intros and graphics and music to your vids! You have come a long way. I can tell. I’m scared to watch the vid on how you lost so much weight cause I have over 100lbs to lose also. I have another huge abdominal surgery coming up, hopefully after that I can get my life back and lose the weight too. Anyway good job! U are beautiful and it takes a lot of courage to do what u do.


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