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Why I LOVE Goddess REMI bump :) quick recap

Please read!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is part 2 click here for part 1 PRODUCTS USED: -2 boxes of sensationnel BUMP REMI ha…

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  1. Would you believe me if I told you that the Remi Bump is $8.99 down in
    Miami at Diamond Girl BSS I REPEAT $8.99…….Wow! $21.00 is crazy! ! !

  2. Wow! Nice! What is the hair inch? Can 1 pack do it? What color and brand is
    the highlight you used? So u just used the comb in highlights? I want this
    exact style this weekend!!!

  3. kmsl @ oh my god no u didnt about doing ur own hair.. ppl kill me with that
    even tho i tell them i did my hair everytime its done the still say that.

  4. I love the goddess remy bump! When I go short, that’s the only hair I use.
    I can swim in that hair, wash it, and it bounces back so well!

  5. @Thomasadrianna I’m thinking about getting this done. What is the upkeep on
    this style? What do you do to it at night to keep it looking good? How long
    do you think it will last?

  6. girl stop your leave out is always on point and your so crazy with that
    dark and lovely commerical lol but pause it @ 3:41 she look so
    funny…sorry adri i had to do it

  7. @thomasadrianna lol here 80$ u ll get 10″ bobbi natural straight, just
    ridiculous. They hate me @ the store ha lol cuz others think it’s normal
    lol adnd I go in there try to bargain bahahahahahaha TOO FUNNY!

  8. Get outta here! That hair is cheap where ya’ll at. It’s 39.99 up here in
    Rockford, IL. They be tripping. I love the texture and feel of that hair.
    But im not gonna pay $40 a pack. they crazy.

  9. Y’all can get this hair online from superbeautydepot for $21. Please don’t
    pay $40 a pk at the bss. I still have 4 boxes from the last time when they
    did a 2/35 special.


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