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Why I Feel Like Quitting YouTube & Big News

CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE 1st Beauty ReCovered video: Make sure you Subcribe to the G…

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  1. Just saw you Kim K ReCovered. first time I’ve ever seen one of your
    videos. I just sub’d. Rock on and best of luck with Glamour.

  2. Holy crap you are so beautiful. With pink hair too obviously. With the long
    brown you look like megan fox pre- Botox, so gorgeous!!! 

  3. Congratulations Kandee!! I watched the first video and thought it was
    amazing, you really deserve this xxx

  4. I’m glad you’re not quitting Kandee…don”t feel bad about your videos,
    they’re fun and bright and awesome and other peoples, who also have good
    channels, don’t have the right lighting or all that – they’re still good
    too – you just have to work with what you have. You’re always telling us to
    love ourselves and be the best us we can be – so I return the comment to
    you 😀 Congrats on everything.

  5. OMG LOOOOOVE! I cant wait to see all of these. So proud of you Kandee!
    You’re such an amazing inspiration. <3

  6. If ur not making any videos anymore than doesn’t that mean we should
    unsubscribe to u not to be mean or anything just saying maybe u can do
    little simple video like maybe if ur going some where just put the camera
    on just do what u want to put on ur face and then do the thing when u talk
    when ur mouth if not moving

  7. Good stuff girl….you go!!!!! Can’t wait to see all the re-creations-
    excited for you!

  8. Don’t quit like you said in you 1m subbies video.
    It was a BIG accomplishment. You cant just lose that,
    Kandee please I love you! and so does everyone else :P

  9. Kandee OMG what a blessing it is! I’m so happy for you and you deserve
    nothing but the best! I’m so exited for everything that is in store for
    you!!!! Love ya <3

  10. Kandee PLEASE don’t quit youtube! I’m so extremely happy for you but if you
    would quit youtube I would be a mess! I understand that you may not have
    enough time for it because of the Glamour magazine stuff but if possible
    please stay on youtube! It would make my day!.. or week… or life.. either
    way congratulation and I’m soooo happy for you!! Looooove you!! <33 xx

  11. Brilliant news on both your Glamour shoot and upcoming Beauty School vids!
    I really like your ‘Big Hair’ wigs :-). Sorry about your deleted vids. Do
    you want me to send you some from my Kandee vid library :-)


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