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Who wears Sensual Yaki Weave? LET ME KNOW ASAP!

sooo is it really good hair?

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  1. sensual is nice, however, if you get the two tone color or the ones with
    straight color in them it has the tendency to bleed onto your clothes. but
    the ones with straight black or 1b is fine

  2. Sensual is ok in my opinion but I prefer milky way or outre. If you get
    longer than a 12 inch it will tangle and matte up bad. Oh yeah it sheds a
    lot too but I think all weaves shed so u really cant avoid it

  3. i’ve done sensual body wave and i didn’t have a problem with shedding the
    hair stayed in good condition, i wore it for 3 weeks. i liked it a lot – as
    a matter of fact, i didin’t throw it away and i’m gonna see if i can get
    another style out of it since it kept up so well.

  4. hey adri. i was just wondering what are your favorite brands of hair to
    buy? or which do you recommend? i personally love que milky way and maybe
    bobby boss if i have the money for it.

  5. its the only straight hair i put in my head and you can re-use it like 3
    times and it only gets better with time just like kinky twist

  6. Sensual hair is pretty good for your money. It’ll last you for a good month
    or two as long as you don’t put any oily products in it and wrap your hair
    at night. WAY better than Milky Way.

  7. so girl where did you get your necklace i love it hell i want one and i
    love the fact you doing more vids thanks girl keep doing your thing girl

  8. Haha!! we used to do that in school. Steal the trash bags in the hall way
    and put our clothes in them. lol!!! that’s my ish!!! People be lookin like
    we crazy and then they did it! lol Cute hair you my shero Adri!!!

  9. @331Guineapiglover girl i need help lol i dont see it on that site they
    dont even have a search box all i see is some colorful cheap looking hair

  10. I wear 1B Sensual Yaki all the time. I love the price range especially when
    considering a longer inch. I usually get mines layered so I can curl it and
    get that bouncy look. It usually lasts for me atleast a month or two when I
    maintain it right. I’ve gotten alot of good feedback on my hair. I would
    recommend this hair if you’re looking for a good price range.

  11. i love sensual hair, Its wayyyyy better than milky way, Try the sensual
    mink yaki its by sensual collection same packaging just gold and black.
    also the Model Model dream weaver hair, and Outre premium now in the purple
    pack, however I only like remi hair thats the best kind of BSS hair but
    Sensual mink Yaki is my favorite alternative


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