What’s On My iPhone (March 2014)

Dollar Shave Club: Rookies: Smash Hit: Dark Sky: Other plac…

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  1. Great video! Do you think you can maybe do a more in depth video on
    everything in your phone? Or even post some screenshots of you homes
    screens? Thanks! 

  2. Come on maaaan, there’s way more apps on your phone than those 3. I want
    more time with SKB. Lately it’s just been “here’s 3 apps on my iPhone/the
    Xbox One is more expensive than a PS4”. We know these things. :I I miss

  3. So you made a video about switching to android a while back. How is that
    going? Are you still in the transition to android? An update video would be
    nice :)

  4. >what’s on my iphone: some apps and this wallaper.
    >what’s on my Android: Widgets, ROM, launcher, widgets, skins, icons, apps,
    live wallpaper, costum lockscreen,.. 

  5. You’re an Android user now Soldier. Don’t try to come back to our iPhone
    community. We don’t need you.


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