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What Make-Up I Buy at Ulta: Ulta Haul

Click here to watch my EXTREME HAUL: OR see the make-over I did on my sister this same day: Come take a visual vacay on my blog erryday: http://www.kande…

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  1. I agree that it totally depends on who’s doing the haul. You can do NO
    wrong in our books Kandee!!! Haul On Sista!!! Love you mucho grande!

  2. I love them !! Ur so funny !! I love u and I love ur videos I’ve seen them
    all !!! Ur so nice xx

  3. I like your haul… I always smile when I watch you Kandee… you
    definitely brighten up Youtube. I love makeup and its nice to see different
    products. I’m in the UK tho so not everything is available. I would like
    to try the full coverage foundation if I can find it because I tend to get
    (hormonal) breakouts…blergh…lol… Thanks and I send healing hugs for
    you and your sweet sister…x

  4. I adore you,,,, and yes I love see what you buy,… OHHH can you do a video
    on the most needed update makeup kit PLEASE!! #KandeeJohnson

  5. Kandee it would be so totally awesome if you did some more themed makeup
    looks. You are my go-to resource when I want some new inspiration. 

  6. You look AMAZING with dark hair! While I think you’re gorgeous and should
    rock any style you want, I think that this color is a zillion times more

  7. You have the right idea with how hauls should be – you’re doing it
    perfectly, don’t worry! I actually learned about some new products that
    I’ve never heard of. Thank you!
    I frequently make thrift hauls and besides just using my humor to brighten
    someones day, they’re also handy to help me account for my spending and see
    what I’m buying, and I also like to style the clothes I buy so others get
    some outfit inspiration from watching. Braggy hauls can take a hike!

  8. slightly irrelevant to the haul-which is fab-but, I LOVE your eyebrows!
    what a beautiful shape they have! <3
    also, I wish we had Ulta here on Greece, so lucky, what a diverse selection
    of brands you have in one store!!

  9. Hello Kandee! Your videos are marvelous ! but my English is limited (I’m
    French) and I don’t understand all you say ….and it’s a real pity for me
    !! it would be marvelous if there was a translation in French under your
    videos!!!!! ♥ because I’m sure that a lot of french girls would love see
    you and understand your videos ! Lots of love ♥

  10. Omg kandee your so beatiful and you always make my day. When im feeling
    down u always make me feel better. I cant go a day without watching your
    videos really. When i come home from school i go on my ipad and click your
    videos. Theres no way i could not make it without you kandee love you stay
    beautiful -destiny your #1 fan☺☺

  11. Man, I wish I had a sister! Or a cousin who’s a girl. I’m the only girl in
    my whole family. :/ 3 brothers though. 


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