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ghetto girls MEET virgin hair rant..we ALL have experienced this at least once in life lol wanna see how I did this makeup look? click here: http://www.youtu…

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  1. I’m curious – What is “virgin” hair? Is there any such thing as non-virgin
    hair? Is virgin hair hair that belonged to another human being who was a
    virgin? Or hair that belonged to a human being who never put a
    chemical/color on it? Or hair that belonged to one human, but has been
    purchased by only 1 other human? What makes the hair “virgin”???

  2. If only I could like this twice! I definitely agree that it’s not the
    questions people ask about the hair, it is the way they ask! Keep it
    fierce, girl!

  3. seriously you just spoke my life! lmao i adore you for this video i will be
    linking this video in one of my videos i just love it! you are preaching to
    the church! 

  4. Well least you tried to keep calm and collected I let them know is virgin
    hair ..and you rite they do be having stank attitude feeling some type

  5. I almost crapped my pants laughing at 1:07, two things what kinda girl
    comes up to somebody callin’ them bi!ch, then calls their hair “white ho”
    anything! WTF! LMFAO!

  6. just be glad that you have class and common sense that unfortunately some
    girls don’t possess. and the wig thing i completely understand! i say don’t
    even get them hip to what you’re doing lol. let them continue to think wigs
    are for grannies and keep buying that chinese hair mix from the beauty
    supply. And when they walk away from you, I’m sure they go google the same
    hair you had trying to see if they can find it lol. 

  7. Girl Yes! I understand where you are coming from. I went into a hair store
    and I had my real hair straightened and some girl came up to me all
    disrespectful asking me where I got my hair done and I said I do it myself
    and she was like well what type of hair do you use and I said its all mine
    and she got mad at me and then insulted me by saying well you must be mixed
    because niggas dont’ have crop like dat and I said okay have a blessed day
    and she called me boojie smh.

  8. get off your high horse girl!!! u sound like an ass. first you say you hate
    when they whisper then you say dnt come asking you demanding an answer then
    u say blah blah fricken blahhh. so what the hell do you want??? how about
    you try your own hair you nappy hair thot kmllll


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