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Welcome to my channel!

Welcome to my YouTube channel! Please subscribe 🙂 ♥ My Blog – ♥ @MichelleFawn on Instagram http://instagr…

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  1. OMG I saw everywhere on the billboard when I visited NYC last week! You
    were everywhere MIchelle, someone even painted a picture of you on their
    wooden walls, congrats!!

  2. I’m so proud of her omfg, as a subscriber from like forever ago this 30
    second video has given me so much inspiration because of how far she came
    in life. Keep up the good work Michelle!

  3. It was so cool seeing this on TV. Michelle really came a long way and you
    have to respect her dedication and drive! Go Michelle! 

  4. Michelle you are my IDOL! I look up to you! You are so pretty and I admire
    you! You are intelligent and have all the qualities I wish I had! Thank you
    for sharing your knowledge and I hope I can meet you one day!

  5. I dont knw why but when she says “& welcum to my youtube channel” was sooo
    magical <3

    like aftr sooo many yrs of posting amazin videos n its hard to believe that
    sum people still dont knw her,, yet her intro is so fresh like she jst
    joined yestrday !!! 🙂 


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