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Week in my Life: New MUG Palette Sneak Peek and NYC!! { Makeup Geek }

Here’s a behind the scenes look at the Makeup Geek Michigan office! I also show you a sneak peek of our new palettes and my trip to IMATS New York!! Week in My Life- My class & behind the…

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  1. I just received the set of face brushes from you and they’re gorgeous. I
    can’t believe the quality for the price. I just washed them and can’t wait
    to use them tomorrow. They were packed really nicely, so thanks to your
    staff for all their hard work.

  2. Marlene you are the best. Never change that sweet and cool way of being and
    if you do, it’s only to become better

  3. The entire time I watched this all I was thinking is man I wish I lived in
    MI so I could work at MUG haha

  4. Heh.. I got a little extra excited to see a SourceFed poster up there at
    your Makeup Geek headquarters …(it’s the ‘Love’ poster)…

    Loved this video!.. I can’t wait for that palette and blushes to come out!
    … You are doing amazing stuff, Marlena. I’m really excited for you!…
    And me, cause I’m gonna get to buy it, heh. 

  5. I forgot james worked for you….also hinkleys donuts are very delicious if
    it is still open up there 

  6. I have always wanted to visit New York so thank you very much for filming
    it seriously made my day. Loved that yellow dress btw

  7. I commend you for starting such a successful and growing brand! Gives
    fellow women and young adults a lot of inspiration! And you’re so down to
    earth. Luv ya!

  8. omg! off topic but your body is WOW! lol seriously tho you are gorgeous and
    i love makeup geek products cant wait for the palette to come out ^__^

  9. I wish you wouldn’t film while driving. It is really irresponsible. Do it
    while parked only.


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