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Wedding Week – Winter Wedding Make up Tutorial

Illamasqua Hydra Veil Primer MAC Face and Body Foundation RT E…

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  1. i think that’s because, like she mentioned after the eyes were finished, she likes to let the foundation set into the skin so it looks nicer and not cakey 🙂 and that’s why she does concealer after shadows, so that if there is some small amount, she can wipe that away 🙂

  2. Your tutorials are amazing! Been a fan for long time and the more I watch you and your lovely sister the more I love you guys. Thanks for sharing your talent

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  5. Whenever you say you’re covering your blemishes, I’m always like WHAT BLEMISHES?! Haha! Your skin is perfect, Nic! And this is a gorgeous look :) x

  6. I think its because she probably wanted it to sink in, she did say it has to set to prevent it from transferring. That’s what I think 🙂

  7. Beautiful makeup look, Great series! Just uploaded a Pixiwoo Inspired Kim Kardashian Makeup tutorial, Please check it out! Thank you!

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  9. @Laura MayMay I had really bad hayfever and what I did was carry around a Mac Studio Fix Powder for touch ups after blowing my nose

  10. Very beautiful and elegant. Sometimes I think that your skin and eyes color looks good with everything, and what you think about to do some makeup bride’s in another models with olive skin, medium beige, NC 37 ?
    I’ll be happy to learn more about makeups tips with differents persons.
    I’m in love with these brides series.
    Xx from Brazil


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