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Wearable Yellow Eyeshadow Look { Makeup Geek }

MORE INFO: Want to try yellow or other bright shadow? In this tutorial, I’ll show you a few simple ways to incorporate color…

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  1. I was actually just thinking of trying out a look that incorporates a
    yellow eyeshadow! I’ll definitely be trying this out!! Love your videos,
    Marlena :)

  2. I didn’t get the memo! lol Great tips to wear a bright color. Thanks
    Marlena. Have a great weekend. ♥ Elle

  3. I actually use bright colors almost every day. I add red/oranges to my
    smokey eyes all the time. I use MUG chickadee ALL THE TIME. It is one of my
    favs for blending out any darker color. 

  4. This is pretty and looks great on you but with my light hair and eyebrows I
    think it may look funny on me. 

  5. Marlena,
    This is such a fun & pretty look for Spring or Summer. Also, your tips are
    super helpful in terms of wearing a well-balanced bright look. You are
    great. Thanks! Have a libel weekend with Lady & Coco Bear :).

  6. Hi Marlena, I love your informative tutorials. This video made me curious
    on how you would use red eye shadow. I have heard in the past that red can
    make people look funny, so what would you do with red eye shadow? 😀 I want
    to try MakeUpGeek so badly now :3

  7. Love this! Just made my 3rd mug order! I finally gt my hands in the utopia
    pigment and 2 more eyeshadow pans 🙂 love that the shipping is also
    affordable to he uk! Xx

  8. And bam..beautiful look Marlena. Btw I’ve decided me and my MUG angled
    stippling brush shall never part…like ever.

  9. From the “weird coincidence” files, I was just telling my mom today that
    yellow is the only eyeshadow colour I refuse to wear. Maybe I’ll rethink

    (The only thing slowing me down after your turorial: I have bloodshed-red
    hair and I’m concerned about the clash factor.)

  10. Beautiful look Marlena! Thanks for these tips. I love bright and bold
    eyeshadow colors, but now that I am getting older, I feel self conscious
    wearing them sometimes. I loved these tips for wearable ways to incorporate
    the fun bright colors without being to over the top! Great video as always!


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