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Watch WTH!? I spent $500 on this!? First Impression FINGERCOMBER Natural Hair Wigs

Watch WTH!? I spent $500 on this!? First Impression FINGERCOMBER Natural Hair Wigs

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I bought $500 worth of natural hair wigs from and decide to unbox them for you! Let’s see how this goes… Lawd! XO, Nap

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  1. Hey Guys! I'm definitely going to try them again after I braid my hair tighter! I knew that part of the reason the caps were small is because of my hair, that's why I after I realized that it wasn't a great style for trying on wigs, I mentioned it #KeepsIt100 #WigNewbie. That's why my final thoughts ONLY included commentary on the quality of the hair and the construction. I look forward to trying these again with smaller braids, but I just wanted to make this quick "First Impression" video as real as possible. (This is how I would've tried them on by myself, without filming, seeing that I get impatient and want to see the quality as soon as it's arrived) But next time I do one of these vids, I'll make sure that my hair is braided tightly so that I can accurately comment on the size as well! Just keep in mind my head is RATHER large, lol, so the issue of big head syndrome will always be present. 😊 So all this to say, try to focus more on the quality and construction in this first impression review, rather than the size, as it MAY just fit YOUR head when you've braided it down enough. I WILL be doing a follow up on the Kinky Curl Out, so look out for that! XO! 💗

  2. Whitney NO!!! To all the wigs. The company is marking a mockery of Afro textured black hair. Your natural hair is way better. Even the first wig is awful with those spiral curls on the ends. They need to stop it and give you your money back! I know your wishing this was a sponsored video!

  3. I purchased a FingerComber maybe two or three years ago when they first hit the scene and I was soooooo disappointed. I felt so ripped off. It took over 2 months to get to me and when I got it after tons of hassle everything was so raggedy made. I bought the Kinky curl out as well and it's the exact same issue with the tracks showing and fly away straight pieces everywhere And this was 3 years ago. Also the hair was so threw after a week I just tossed it in the trash. Sorry you got dupped Hun.

  4. None of them looked like they were worth the money….maybe if you did a complete look and could actually put it on your head idk….i think I'll regretfully pass on this company

  5. I bought one before, it was horrible! I mean, if I could have shipped my self to the company to fight someone I would have. I see them online and say yes! But I will not be fooled again. Plus the customer service was awful! I have a large skull, I say that means I'm smart. But it actually means that I can't wear a cheap wig. This wig fit my head like a beanie. And my hair was visible in the back.
    When I saw that you spent money, I wanted to call you and tell you not to open it!
    You would think they would have hand picked the best one since you are…. well… you!

  6. I've purchased one of their wigs and my twin did too. They weren't the same wigs as advertised on their website. I also, had the "tuffs" of hair sticking out in random spots on the wig. I had to use a hair pin. Bottom line- it's not a good product…and what I paid for it!? Smh…false advertising.

  7. Omg that's terrible the construction on the wig is showing the tracks. I wanted the first one but after seeing the tracks show and reading others saying they have the same issue, no ma'am. I also have a big head so this is a no go. TFS

  8. Hello ! I'm not a big wearer but perhaps you can try putting your hair in a wig cap before you apply these wigs so that most of your head would fit in ? I don't know. Good luck and thanks for the video!

  9. LOL omg I shouldn't have laughed so hard at this video hahahaha but I applaud your dedication, effort, & commitment to make them work but at the same time I feel bad they did you like that 😂😂😂 omg 😂😂


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