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Watch Why Your Hair Texture Is Changing + Falling Out | My DETAILED Story

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Possible reasons why your natural hair is breaking off and thinning, why your natural hair is falling out, why you natural hair texture is changing, and why your natural hair won’t grow.

Hey Guys, I hope this video is informative for you and helps. I’m not a doctor, and as always, suggest you go to your doctors for verification, but here are a few reasons why you may be experiencing issues with your natural hair. If you notice a sudden texture change in your hair, your hair is falling out or breaking off, then it could be a sign of one or a few issues that I’ll talk about in this video. Again, I’m not a doctor, this is all information that I’ve learned while researching and verifying my own health and hair issues. I also share my entire detailed hair health story as it relates to my recent health issues. I hope this video helps! Xo! Nap

Topics: Vitamin D deficiency and hair loss, alopecia hair loss, candida hair loss, thyroid hair loss, gluten hair loss, celiac disease and hair loss, parasites hair loss and thinning, adrenal fatigue hair loss and texture change.

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  1. Love, Love, Love, Love this very informative and totally on point video. Everything you're saying is so true and these types of videos are very necessary. Thank you and continue to shed light on relative health issues, Great work. Stay Blessed!!!

  2. Miss Whitney you have been one of my FAVORITE you tubers for a while now. Now I even have more respect for you – its so very brave to share these personal issues and be willing to help someone else through your suffering. God bless you and glad you are back on track, hair will grow back. Being healthy is a gift most of us take for granted.

  3. Wow. Thanks for sharing. My hair did the opposite texture change. I had very coarse, dense hair most of my life. It isn't super fine but much finer than it ever was and my edges come and go (but edges have been an ongoing problem). I think some of mine is age. I do have gluten sensitivity. Only because of gluten/dairy/low sugar (should be no sugar…work in progress) lifestyle that has me healthier do I say getting older may be why my hair won't bounce back quickly. I know I was lacking vitamin D I take D3 tabs and try to eat more things to help absorb it.

  4. I have just started this whole transitioning process. It has been a journey and I have been going strong since Oct 2015 was the last time I straighten my hair. The issue that I am having right now that i would like your advice on is this. Where the damaged hair meets and the healthy hair it constantly tangles and gets really hard to either finger detangle and or comb out. I loose so much hair but I can tell that it is breaking off in that area. would you recommend just cutting where that area meets are do protein treatment and keep doing protective styles. Please let me know what suggestions you may have I am desperate. I don't want to give up and go back to straightening my hair for manageability and convenience

  5. Very Informative! I went to the salon today because my hair is so unhealthy and I'm tired of partially doing things at home that is not beneficial nor is it any type of routine. I love having Natural hair and haven't had a relaxer in about 6-7 yrs…you'll think my hair is down my back right….wrong!! It's always dry, the texture is different in the top and shrinkage is real!!! I always look older that what I am…not by what I'm told…..just how I feel! I can't get this hair right… My stylist told me today that I'm not ready for color…she's bringing it to life first with protein, other treatments, steamers, etc.. Now, listening to you Whitney, I'm definitely getting blood work done….and talk about sleep….i can do that ALL DAY LONG!!!! Thanks for the info._!!!

  6. I recently just had an experience involving almost half of those symptoms. A few weeks ago I broke out with a bad rash all over my legs and arms; the doctors suggested an allergic reaction but I have no known allergies so we could not solve the problem. My hair texture has been going back and forth and a serious of other things I have been dealing with that you mentioned. I really and truly appreciate this video. Thank you 😘

  7. I get bumps on my face, arms and chest too and I'm always tired and bloated I get bloated everytime I eat then my stomach goes back down in the morning. Oh and I'm depressed and emotional sometimes. That's not good.

  8. if you took antibiotics for the kidney infection, that could have exacerbated the candida. The antibiotics kill all bacteria, both the good and the bad, which affects the balance of our bodies.

  9. Well, you look great.  Where did you get the necklace? I would like too get one. I'm menopausal and its drying when it used to be curlier and softer 3C. I suffer from fatigue. Yet, I haven't colored nor used permanent straightener on my hair for about 20 years now. I do use Sebastian color rinse.   Probiotics are supposed too be good for stomach bacteria. Unfortunately,  I love coffee. lol!

  10. I just had to do my second big chop because one section won't grow and the texture is very different. It also seemed like the section was getting bigger. Background 5-6 years ago I had a lot of the same symptoms you had/have. I'm so much better now. Most of my symptoms are gone and I saw the most relief after a round of xifaxan and diflucan. However I still have a few symptoms that make me think I need to adjust my diet further and or maybe my thyroid needs some TLC. Anyway my point is it gets better, as you already know, but it's matter of maintaining a heathy lifestyle. 😊 easier said than done sometimes. I've found a lot of success with the AIP diet. Anyway thank you for making this video. So glad to know I'm not alone. I look forward to seeing more of your videos. Will your future videos be geared towards rebuilding hair? My concern is giving my hair the TLC it needs to rebuild and grow.

  11. I'm an actor (in the The Lion King Tour) and last month I experienced my own bout with yeast accumulation but in my throat. It was due to eating too much sugar (not just fruit sugars, but from sweets). I was hoarse, my vocal muscles were fatigued, singing was just an overall strain. You're absolutely right about everything you've said (not that you need my validation lol)…..Thanks for sharing your story.

  12. Whitney!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!! I love your transparency, whatever amount of videos you'd like and feel up to sharing we're comfortable with. I'm glad you're feeling better and things are getting better because of your mindfulness 🙂 It'll help us, and it'll personally help me, be more mindful of certain things.

  13. Thank you for all the information. That ring tho – I tried to get a good look at it but I couldn't catch your hand in the right position. Would you show it in one of your future videos? Thanks.

  14. The symptoms sound like hypothyroidism (Brittle hair or hair loss, chronic fatigue, weight gain, feeling cold, iron and vitamin d deficiency, irritable etc.

  15. I rarely comment on videos but this was a really helpful video and really got me thinking. I may need that parasite cleanse! Plus check out the health of my adrenal glands (tea! I love the stuff). Thanks and keep on putting out this sort of content

  16. I've been waiting for this video. I've been having similar issues and went to a rheumatologist. She determined it wasn't an auto-immune issue, but I had no answers. I'm going to take these issues back to my primary care physician. Thank you!!

  17. What specific tests did your doctor do because I've been dealing with some health issues for a while too, not the same exact story as yours but being constantly fatigued and hair breakage since having my son last year… I wasn't losing weight for a while either despite eating healthy. I am trying to take more vitamins, but I would love answers. I'm glad that things are looking up for you.

  18. Wow, thank you so much. I am literally going through all these symptoms and I attributed it to graduate school stress. This was an eye opener, I am so glad I watched this. Thanks for sharing.

  19. please don't take this the wrong way but would like it if you stop using (Flaxseed Gel )..all conditions you are experiencing are side effects of using too much Flaxseed. .gel which can be absorbed by the skin into the bloodstream very quickly. .
    believe me or not Flaxseed is good but too can be very dangerous the problem is that they mimic the female hormone called estrogen. like effect .which in turn causes most of the problem you are experiencing .e.g heart palpitations,tiredness and fertility issues and many stuff I have not mentioned don't get me wrong fruit sugar do add to it as well. … try and take MACA Root..if you still don't believe me study bad side effects of FLAXSEED ESTROGEN like effect on Google. Love you.

  20. I thought you were going to say you discovered you had thyroid issues. I had all your symptoms except my hair seemed to be ok. one day I was at work and almost passed out. my blood pressure was 186/106. they put me on blood pressure medicine and checked my levels and my vitamin d was at a 9. at the lowest it should be at least 30. they checked my tsh and I am hyperthyroid. because of this I cant keep vitamin d in my body. I have been on the highest prescription dose of vitamin d for months and I'm still deficient. my body just drains it away. I was bleeding profusely during that time of the month and bleeding every two weeks and my cycle would last for about two weeks. so most months I was on my period longer than I was off, and three years ago I had a full hysterectomy. I have my good days and bad days , sometimes I feel really really sick and no energy and when I do take my vitamin d supplements I feel really sick for days after like my body just can't process it or I'm allergic to it.


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