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Watch The Wash & Go | Using Pantene Gold Series Line – FULL Product Breakdown

Watch The Wash & Go | Using Pantene Gold Series Line – FULL Product Breakdown

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Thanks to PANTENE for sponsoring this video! Grab the whole PANTENE Gold Series Line Here!
For me, the biggest indication of whether a product works well or not is testing it on a wet set style, such as the Wash and Go! So today, I’m showing you the Pantene Gold Series product line, using my Wash & Go methods, so you can see exactly how this line performs! I also give a full, detailed breakdown of each product, how I use them, and my final thoughts! I hope it helps and I hope you enjoy! XO! Nap

Pantene Gold Series Deep Hydrating Co-Wash
Pantene Gold Series Moisture Boost Conditioner
Pantene Gold Series Repairing Mask
Pantene Gold Series Intense Hydrating Oil
Pantene Gold Series Leave-On Detangling Milk
Pantene Gold Series Hydrating Butter-Crème
Pantene Gold Series Curl Defining Pudding

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  1. Quick question. Did the cream flake and make your hair hard? I've seen several people that stated that. But my hair texture is closer to yours, so I wanted to get your experience.

  2. Hi Whitney. I have tried most of these products, but after watching your video, I am going to try the other ones that are in the line the way you did it. I really love this line by Pantene and this was before I found out that it was developed by black PH.D scientists and stylists! The products make my hair feel soo soft!

  3. Open question! Can anyone recommend me fragance free or light scent hair stylers (curl definers, leave ins, etc.)? I'm tired of smelling like coconut or candy all the time and to make it worse, ppl with whom I relate are complaining about it 😭 thanks in advance.

  4. I've tried to do that band thing several times and my be like….😒🙅🏾 (you tried it). It always has those dents from the band throughout my hair, if I don't do it tight enough the band falls out or shrinks too loosely to have an effect. I should do a video on the disaster!

  5. God bless you Whit…… I guess many of your subbies use and purchase all black everything. I use and support more black businesses than I can count but the reality is is that not everything that I use or can purchase is black owned…. Keep doin you girl!!! #beshameless

  6. Thanks you Whitney I appreciate all that you do to give us diversity for the our many different hair types and the classy way in which you always give us your take. We all have an opinion but we should not have to attack each other to get our points across. There is nothing wrong with healthy dialog that build each other up.

  7. Well I've only tried one product from this line which was the curling custard and it did a number on my hair. It dried and stripped my hair beyond belief. I had to wash and deep condition the very next day. I'm cringing just thinking about it. The so called Butter Cream has mineral oil as the second or third ingredient. I just find it hard when to believe that these "black scientists" would sign off on such unnatural and chemical laden products for our fragile hair. Happy for those who like it though.

  8. I admire you a lot and have learnt a lot watching your video but I am disappointed by this.  Your support of Pantene, a big company is exactly why Shea Moisture has taken the road that they did. Because they could not count on the black natural hair community to remain committed once the big  (white) players started producing "black products" realising the market there was.  So they had to either expand their market and try to get a larger and wider client base to support the ebb and flow of support or die as bigger players made inroads into their market share. while they didn't do the education and talking to the community they should have, and while it seems whoever made the decision to post the most controversial part of the ad was looking for exactly that reaction, kill them, they did what all these other companies are doing. Trying to cater to as wide a group as possible to gain market share.  The pity of it is they didn't take the time to explain to their client base, that they were not changing the products but adding new lines for different textured hair.  We will never as a community be able to build anything major of worth if we can't just support each other wholly.  Every other ethnic community does that.  We also need to learn business and not let other people come in and tell us how to do it.

  9. I love your channel and usually your curls are so defined but this product has the curls looking frizzy and undefined. Please go back to natural brands, this isn't cutting it…

  10. I really liked the shampoo and conditioner. The intense hydrating oil didn't work on my hair. It's less like an oil and more of a serum consistency. It left my hair feeling the opposite of hydrated and it didn't seem like enough product. We (me and my daughter) were able to get 4 uses total out of it. I did like the price also.


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