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Watch Stop Excessive Hair Shedding + Hair Loss FAST! How To Tea Rinse | Natural Green Tea

Watch Stop Excessive Hair Shedding + Hair Loss FAST! How To Tea Rinse | Natural Green Tea

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SHOCKED at how well this Tea Rinse works guys!! Here’s how I stopped my excessive shedding and minimized hair loss using a natural Green Tea Rinse!

**I used DECAF Green Tea in order to cut down on caffeine exposure. Try it with decaf first, and then work up IF needed! Xo!!


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  1. I tried it about a year or 2 ago and I loved it, it really does work. It freaked me out how something so simple minimized something so major. I need to get back on it since my hair is shedding a little more than usual however (like I said I did it consistently about 2 years ago), I didn't follow up with a DC when I first did it…May be why I stopped, I felt like I was missing something, so that follow up w/ a DC is great. TFS!

  2. Yeah I can't even use coconut oil anymore!! It was WONDERFUL when I "discovered" it but now I'm fully allergic!! My scalp and skin burn now when in contact with coconut oil!! So now I will definitely be trying this tea rinse!!

  3. Hey Naptural85,
    I am rocking box braids for another month or so, could I use the Green Tea Rinse method to prevent my hair from shedding while it's in protective style mode?

  4. I used to use black tea rinses to stop my shedding and it actually worked for me. At the time green tea rinses weren't strong enough because my hair was shedding A LOT (I think because I started to use sulfate shampoos again, now I've stopped). But yea, tea rinses help with shedding. And it's not as drying on your hair as MSM powder, because that worked too but my hair became very dry.

  5. Omgosh I totally forgot i was doing this after the baby! So need to do this because the plumber has been coming out wayyyy too much! TEA RINSES TOTALLY WORKS! my hair was stronger and thicker in addition to a decrease I. Shedding! Thanks for reminding me!

  6. I've been doing tea rinses for awhile now too. I, however, like to mix black and green tea along with minced or crushed fresh garlic. Talk about a powerful punch. My hair feels stronger within 1-2 days and the shedding is like instantly gone too. Tea rinses do work.

  7. Omg, thank you so much!!! Shedding is my main hair issue. Heck, it may be my ONLY hair issue. I consider myself lucky to have so much hair, but I must lose the equivalent of a child's wig every week! That can't be okay. It's a big, dense fist full of shed hair every time I do a wash and go, which is every week. I will start the tea treatment THIS WEEK and will return with my results. Thank you again for this tip!

  8. So I'm sitting here and cant even go further with the vid cause I'm OCD on Disney Songs!! lol A whole new world I'm singing it and All I see is Jasmine! and i'm like OH YES. It's from Aladdin! lol Ariel sings Part of your World.. Phew! okay Back to the Video! Ha


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