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Watch Sleek Bun w/ Minimum Stress + DIY Satin Lined Hair Donut

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Sleek Buns are beautiful, but can cause a ton of damage over time. Here’s a simple solution to installing the sleek bun with minimum damage and stress caused to your natural hair! This slick bun still looks neat and put together, but isn’t tight, doesn’t pull at your roots, and is completely comfortable for all-day wear! I’ll also show you how to add a satin lining to your mesh hair donut. This DIY satin hair donut, or satin covered sock bun, protects your hair while keeping it moisturized, again reducing damage to your natural hair! I hope you enjoy the video and I hope it helps! Xo! Nap

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  1. what is wrong with my hair without the fleekness? she made feel proud to be comfy with my puffy hair. oh well she is entitled to change her mind. now that's a point for main stream and a lose for those who just want to love themselves the way they are. I still love my girl nap85 tho she's gone through a lot with her hair but I know she'll get it back the way she wants.

  2. OMG!!!! You are such a joy to watch, keep me inspired on my natural hair journey….. Thank you for sharing as this is perfect for my daughter in competitive dance and the torturous bun they have to wear…..


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