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Thinking about coloring dying your natural hair? In this video, I give you my raw and honest thoughts about hair dye! What to expect when you color dye your natural hair, what happens to your natural hair when you color dye it, and would I color my hair again after this experience!? You definitely want to watch this before you color dye your natural hair, or if you’re on the fence and not sure if you should color dye your natural hair or not! I hope this helps you make a decision! Enjoy!

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Salon Preparation Tips, My Balayage Color + Stylist | Natural Hair

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  1. Thinking about color dying your natural hair? In this video, I give you my
    raw and honest thoughts about hair dye! What to expect when you color your
    natural hair, what happens to your natural hair and would I color my hair
    again after this experience!? You definitely want to watch this before you
    color dye your natural hair, or if you’re on the fence about it! I hope
    this helps you make a decision! Enjoy! <3

  2. Hi Whitney! HAPPY New Year’s! I want to dye my hair but it is hard to chose
    the right color for my complexion! What color do you suggest for a brown –
    skin female with a round face? Love your videos and vlogs!

  3. Thank you! This might have been the most honest review of hair colour I’ve
    heard. Some will swear blind lifting their hair colour did absolutely
    nothing to their hair texture, even when you can clearly see it has. They
    may love the way it looks and feels, but it would really help others if
    they were honest about the changes. I am NOT gentle with my hair, so having
    hair that is more brittle than I am used to would be a problem for me.
    Thanks again for sharing. For what it’s worth, I think your colour was a
    fun change and looked lovely on you, but I totally understand you missing
    that crazy natural sheen your hair has 🙂 xxx

  4. i dyed my hair once while I had a perm and my hair had the same reaction.
    relaxed or natural, dye is damaging
    it has nothing to do with being relaxed, permed, natural, etc
    it has more to do with coloring
    when I use black I don’t experience those things
    only when lightening.
    I used honey blonde and It was beautiful initially
    until it all fell out
    being natural now, I know that lightening is NOT an option
    I do use black on my grays though and experience zero damage and drying

  5. I appreciate this commentary so much!! I have been all natural for 6 years
    now, after having a big chop in college. I have dyed my TWA reddish brown
    in the past, and had highlights done years later, but it has been about one
    year and a half of no color to my current head of hair, so its all
    virtually grown out, and my hair is the longest its been since I started
    being natural, way past the short fro days now LOL. My hair takes color ok,
    and I really want to get warm highlights for my upcoming wedding this year
    in August. I was told to get the color sooner than later so I can get used
    to it, and to trial my wedding hairstyle with the color already settled in.
    My hair is very similar to your texture, from what I can tell, but I think
    you have more shrinkage then I get when its wet possibly your hair may get
    drier easier than mine?? Not sure of course, but your hair is absolutely
    gorgeous!!!! Anyways, I appreciate your color experiment, because as a soon
    to be natural hair bride, I want a summery highlighted look for my wedding,
    and need to be reeducated on how to care for my hair when I do the color
    this April. My natural color is as dark brown (almost black looking) as
    yours. But I know what I’m getting myself into, I think, from having many
    past experiences. I believe it made the difference each time when I had
    dyed hair, that I was seeing a regular natural hair stylist and
    professional who trimmed my colored ends and kept it conditioned throughout
    AND that I did not recolor it soon afterwards. I always had a color done,
    and just let my natural color grow back and blend with whatever the old
    color looked like for a lot of times at least 8-12 months between
    recoloring. I could never try to care for my hair without someone’s help.
    Thanks again for your vlogs!

  6. I hope you do not color your hair again. I see the difference in your hair
    and It does look damaged. Go back to natural PLEASE!! You live and you

  7. So I’ve been think about dying my hair for a while. My hair has been
    natural since birth and I’ve never had any chemicals in it. After watching
    this video I finally did it. My hair is now ombré from my natural really
    dark brown to a light golden brown. I love it! 

  8. I definitely understand all of the cons however a lot of them can be
    prevented with pre-lightening preparation. I have dyed my hair a countless
    number of times (I like to experiment lol) and bleached my entire head a
    total of about 4 times.
    The first time I bleached, I only did the lower portion of my hair for a
    bit of “peekaboo” coloring, and my hair was totally fried afterwards. I
    ended up cutting about 1 1/2 inches off, not a big deal. 3 months later I
    bleached my entire head. I started prepping for the bleaching about 3 weeks
    in advance by deep conditioning for 2 hours twice a week. Which for some
    people, is normal, but it is definitely not for me lol. 2 days before
    bleaching I SATURATED my hair with coconut oil and rinsed it out 4 hours
    later. 1 day before I did the same thing after using my regular deep
    conditioner. Four hours before bleaching, I saturated my hair again with
    coconut oil and made sure to leave it on during the bleaching process. My
    hair experienced no change beyond the lightening and was/is damage free.
    There is a reason they tell you not to dye your hair when it is squeaky
    clean. The oils (and sometimes grime) help to protect your hair from the
    harshness of the chemicals. 

  9. Have you heard anything about the shea moisture color system? Or have you
    tried it? I have a box of it and have seen good results but just wanted to
    know your opinion! Thank you for your video!

  10. I dyed my hair, ALL of it, in January and I agree with you on everything.
    Well, except the breakage thank the Lord. I absolutely hate it! I tried
    doing a rinse about 3 times before the dye, but my hair was so dark that it
    just wouldn’t take to them. At least that’s what my hair dresser said. So I
    decided that I would just dye my hair a lighter color because I wanted to
    try something different, and I thought it would make my curls stand out.
    Also I’m the only person in my immediate family with black hair, and I
    always thought my mom’s color was nice. I went with a medium chestnut
    because that’s as light as I could go without bleaching my hair, which I
    did not want to do. Like you said Whitt, even when it’s moisturized it’s
    dry, and it’s just dull. I miss my shiny black hair. When my roots started
    growing out I just about cried. Needless to say, I will not be dyeing my
    hair EVER again. 

  11. When you get more gray you can use Lush henna in caca brown. It will
    highlight the gray light brown/blonde, and it won’t damage your hair. If
    you try it you may need two bricks. You probably already know that though
    seeing how you shop there.

  12. This was really helpful! thanks 🙂 I was thinking about it.. but I’m kinda
    scared of the damage. I didn’t know it becomes that bad after. And I’m just
    seeing the fruits of my labour w/ my hair! I think I will stick to hair
    chalks 🙂

    Also what if you don’t use bleach to dye your hair is it still as bad? (an
    answer from anyone would be helpful) 

  13. I have experienced the same as you and I am also going back to basics with
    my regimen. My color had thinned my hair, however, my color is only in one
    small spot, so I have continued to do it; as I do feel now the pros out
    weigh my cons. Sorry your journey wasn’t amazing for you but at least you
    no longer have to say “what if”. Great vid thanks!!!

  14. When will natural hair black women stop this mass deception? I’m black and
    I know what real natural black hair looks like. Most black hair grows in
    really tight coils, and it does not dangle and flop around in loose
    spirals. Even mixed race black people would be lucky to have thier hair
    grow like that naturally. It’s a damn shame, and I feel so sorry for black
    women. Black women need to stop the lies. I don’t know what the heck these
    women are putting in thier hair, but it must have chemicals in it. 

  15. Could it be your hair texture? Im a 3b and I dyed my whole head (too many
    grays for my age). I didn’t notice any weakening nor thinning. I did notice
    my hair loses moisture faster but it gets fixed with leave in. 

  16. +Naptural85 Thanks for that info. Seeing your hair I was thinking about
    dyeing my hair in the past when i had my hair relaxed. Everything you just
    mentioned I experienced, However I didn’t think it would happen with
    Natural Hair too, my goodness. Now I’m looking for natural dyes I really
    Love color it makes a world of a difference to your appearance : ) in my

  17. I like the way your hair color looks on you but of course no opinion
    matters except your own. I dyed my hair a semi permanent dye, and it didn’t
    alter my hair texture or pattern at all. I took precaution and my hair
    hasn’t been terribly dry from it, just the normal dry. Lol.

    If anything straightening it got it all out of wack :/

  18. Everyone’s hair is different, so of course, this is just what I noticed and
    experienced with my hair color. It’s not guaranteed that you will deal with
    all or ANY of the issues I outlined in the video, or you may experience
    more/worst issues. It’s all individual. I’m just sharing my experience with
    you as what can happen <3

  19. Thank you so much for the info! I’ve been coloring my natural hair for a
    few years now because at the tender age of 46 I have lots of grey! It has
    been great working with the cons (dryness, ect..) of my colored hair with
    all of the information you’ve provided. The tips on conditioning and oil
    treatments have been a huge blessing! As I continue coloring my hair I am
    looking forward to more natural coloring techniques (henna, cassia, ect…)
    to steer away from the chemical coloring.


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