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Watch OMG! $400 HOODED HAIR DRYER | Is It Worth It!? Review Pibbs Kwik Dri

Watch OMG! $400 HOODED HAIR DRYER | Is It Worth It!? Review Pibbs Kwik Dri

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Pibbs Hooded Hair Dryer on Sale

This hooded hair dryer is a $400 purchase! But is it actually worth the price? Here’s my full review of the Pibbs 514 Kwik Dri 1100W Salon Dryer with Casters! I hope you enjoy! XO, Nap

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*Not Sponsored. I linked the hooded dryer with an affiliate link.

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  1. NEW Video Just Went Up!! #NaturalHair This hooded hair dryer costs $400!! 😱 But is it actually worth the $$? Hope you enjoy "OMG! $400 HOODED HAIR DRYER | Is It Worth It!? Review Pibbs Kwik Dri" Xo!! ❤️

  2. I saw what I'm guessing now, is the dupe of this dryer since it was only $79.99, and even that was too expensive for me given the mediocre ratings. $400 would have me clutching my chest like like Fred Sanford. I'm sticking with my Curlformers soft bonnet dryer for $19.99, lol

  3. i hope someone can help me,

    i have been natural for over 5 years and my hair doesn't seem to grow. I've done all of the steps like deep conditioning, satin pillow case, moisturizing it with water and all that, but nothing seems to make my hair grow.

    do any of you have a few hacks or tips that made your hair grow faster??
    I have hairtype 4a/b and it's almost reaching my shoulder. (I would love to reach the armpit length) <3

  4. My family has been using the same hooded dryer since the 90s! lol it's the one that you have to pull up and set on like a chair and you sit underneath. Worth the investment. Mad roller sets 😂 and it's way cheaper than the standing ones

  5. Last time I purchased an expensive dryer it stopped working after using it for 2 months I purchased a warranty for it and the company refuse to replace it let alone return the money. It was so disappointing because I couldn't really afford it. Never again.

  6. I have this and it is def. worth the money. I live in NY and every salon (here we have mostly Dominican salons) has this.
    I bought mine for $300 plus tax.


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