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Watch My Simple Wash Day Routine 2017 | Moisturized Natural Hair

Watch My Simple Wash Day Routine 2017 | Moisturized Natural Hair

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Optional First Step: My BEST Pre-Poo Routine For Natural Hair
My African Black Soap Shampoo
My Hair + Body Oil

My simple natural hair wash day routine! This is the most moisturized, soft, and healthy my natural hair has ever felt. I hope you enjoy this routine! XO! Nap

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— Why Do I Rinse The Oil Out? —
A popular question I get! I love using oils on my hair, but don’t like the greasiness it can sometimes cause. Rinsing a bit of the oil out after application, helps rid my hair of the greasy residue, leaving my hair super soft and moisturized. Just like when you’re cooking and get olive oil on your hands. If you rinse the olive oil off, your hands are no longer greasy, but feel super soft instead! *I only do this on stretched styles. For Wash&Go styles, the additional oils are necessary, but will show in another video.

— What Happened to Water Only Washing? —
Another question I envision getting! I discussed why I stopped the “water only washing” experiment in one of my older videos a few months after I stopped. It was around the time I was going through health issues, and I mentioned that the sebum in my scalp had slowed down production and my scalp and hair were becoming extremely dry. So at that point, I had to stop w.o.w. and go back to using products! My scalp is back to normal…

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  1. NEW Video is Up!! "My Simple Wash Day Routine 2017 | Moisturized Natural Hair" I hope you enjoy!! Oh, and I placed all the links needed for recipes, etc… as well as some ADDITIONAL info you may be wondering, in the description box! Hope it helps! XO!! ❤️

  2. Funny you should say its the best it has ever felt because I was thinking to myself its looks much better than it ever did… even better then when it was really long, LOL! As I was thinking it you verbalized it LOL.

  3. I love seeing people with thick pretty hair but I'd NEVER be able to do that much to my head. I'm too lazy lol so I'm satisfied with my fine thin hair

  4. Great hair, yet I think it's more hereditary…I could do all those things to my hair, yet I have 4B hair (somewhere between my neck and shoulders) and it was never "super long" and probably never will be. In fact, most of the people I know with long hair do not do anything special…they had long hair since they were a child.

  5. naptural what do you suggest for 2nd time big choppers like me i have 3c-4a hair but for some reason my curls seem wayyyyy more dry and undefined this time around. Why? What can i do and producrts can i use to gain that moisture back and train my curls all over again? Its like i dont know what to do this time around. So frustrating!!


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