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Hey guys! Happy New Year! I wanted to continue my tradition of reflecting on my good and bad natural hair experiences for the year, and what I hope to see for natural hair in the future! I hope you enjoy the video, and be sure to let me know what you hope to see in 2016, for yourself or in general!
Xo! Nap

My Natural Hair Hopes: Unity in 2014

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  1. Right at the start of your video I was thinking your hair was looking so good, I forgot about all the things you did to it last year. Obviously your core hair regime is good enough to allow you to experiment.

  2. This video came right on time, I recently was talking to my mom about her hair. She been natural for a year going on two and she rarely wear her texture its press n curl, flat irons. I kept telling her wear your texture, keep putting heat on it it's gonna get damage fast forward and now all I tell her is no matter what in order to wear your texture you just have to play with it (twist out, braid out, and different product combinations). I think when it come to natural hair what we like always isn't for us to make others like so in the end we all just need to help each other in the journey.

  3. Amen….I love your videos, they have been a blessing to me. I get so much shade about my hair. I try not to be nasty when I respond, live and let live, I say, that's what makes us individuals, being different. I'm not defined by my hair type but by my heart. l look forward to 2016 learning more about me and my hair, God bless.

  4. Thanks for the tip! I like to watch hair videos from other hair types as well and I know that every curl has its problems and struggles. I live in a predominantly white community though and they don't really understand/acknowledge all curl types. They typically only think of looser curl patterns and its kind of frustrating at times. +Nykia Rodriguez


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