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Watch Karrueche Tran Inspired Faux Bangs Twist Bun | Natural Curly Hair

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I loved the Faux Bangs Braided Bun on Karrueche Tran and wanted to adapt it for natural hair! I decided to turn it into a protective style that can be worn multiple ways, and that would be appropriate for work, school, or a date night! It’s also a great style that can be deconstructed and put back together easily for working out at the gym. I hope you enjoy this easy natural hair protective style, the Karreuche Tran Inspired Bun with Bangs on Natural Hair!

Xo! Nap

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  1. I loved it when I saw that hairstyle on Karrueche! It's so cool that you made your version and shared it. It looks super cute! If I wasn't so lazy with my hair I would definitely try it! lol

  2. I really need to work on my two strand twists… I can do them but they never look presentable. Also, I definitely thought that was your real hair when I saw the intro. I was thinking how is this protective if your ends are out? Then I was like ooooooh, I see! :P

  3. I really really really need to get some weave, wit da clips lol!! Whitney your hair before you added the faux was fabulous, if anything I really love and appreciate the high moisture level of your hair, lol but for real it's hard to keep that amazing sheen that your hair has…I'm just gawking at your twists right now, if I had that much hair this would be a go to style for me, it was so easy and I just love twists and protective styling! 5:21 you're hilarious LOLOL!!!!! I like this a lot, I would definitely wear it, 2 thumbs up for another great tutorial…A lil off topic but Whitney I finally tried your "Best Twistout Ever" technique and I loved it! Yesterday I wore my hair out, entirely without any twists, in public, for the 1st time, in almost 4 years, this is a big deal, lol! I got asked was it real, to tilt my head, someone touched it and my niece said "I had knew hair so I can't put a hat on it" lol but it was super cold and I kept thinking "oh man I bet my hair is crispin and drying up big time!" and today not a fan of that 2nd day hair at all, lol!!

  4. I have some front hair damage, and I also have some clip-in extensions like the ones you are wearing. I was trying to figure out a way to wear them as a protective style. Thanks for the awesome idea.


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