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Watch Interview With a 4 Year Old | Natural Hair

Watch Interview With a 4 Year Old | Natural Hair

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I asked my 4 year old to share how she feels about her natural hair and why. Here’s what she had to say! Xo! Nap

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  1. Omg Whitney this was awesome! I can't wait to have kids. My husband and I are always talking about how much we are going to make our babies feels beautiful and confident. Thanks for being such a great inspiration.

  2. Olivia is adorable!!! I teach my two daughters ages 7 & 9 that if Jesus wanted their hair to be straight He would have made it straight.Your hair looks the way it does because that's how Jesus wanted it to look, and the Bible says that everything God made is good. They were shocked that God made their hair. Lol

  3. WHIT… I absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED this video!!! Been watching you since 2010 and boy can I say it feels like we are related!!! Keep up the great work girlie. Hey beautiful Oya

  4. For me it was the other way around. My mom and I did our last relaxers on the same day. When she asked if we should go and get a re-touch I was like "nah I'm going natural now." She smiled lol. I was telling her about Youtube naturals and I showed her your videos and she didn't relax her hair again either. My sister relaxed her hair around that time, but after that she stopped as well.
    When you really think about it, there's just no reason to cause that much damage to your hair. You can want to, but you should never think you have to.


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