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Watch How To Wire and Install a Ceiling Fan Box The Home Depot

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  1. 2:00 that's exactly where dining room light hole is in the condos here. I can't read the box to see if it's fan rated because it's coated with ceiling paint overspray. Because it has a fairly heavy chandelier type light on it and it's mounted directly to a joist, it seems it should be to support a ceiling fan.

  2. I am a semi-retired master electrician and electrical contractor.  I owned my own business for over 12 years before selling it and during the time I owed it, I installed close to 10,000 ceiling fans for the two largest fan retailers in the Mpls, St. Paul Metro area.  I still consult for one of those stores and provide phone support for do-it-yourselfers.  The method displayed in this video is not the way to remove a ceiling box and the box shown is not the type to use for an existing light box change out.  You NEVER cut a big hole in the ceiling to remove the old box.  And it requires considerably more force than what was displayed to remove the old box.  I always pushed an existing nailed on box up with the butt of my hammer.  Once pushed up with the truss exposed, a large screw driver will pry it away from the truss or rafter.  It should be replaced with a fan remodel brace kit, designed for this exact type of installation.  And I agree with the other electrician's post that this type of install is better left to the professionals.  If the box does not require replacing, by all means attempt this yourself.  A 50 pound rated box with "Approved for Ceiling Fans" or something similar posted on it is what is required by code (NEC).  I never installed a fan over 50 pounds including many Hunter Originals.

  3. I'm a licensed electrician. This is a decent video for installing a fan box, nothing more. When installing a fan, make sure you get a box that's rated for the weight of the fan you intend to install. Some fans can weigh in excess of 75 pounds. Most boxes are only rated for 35 pounds. This video does not depict the proper wiring procedures for the vast arrays of wiring one might encounter when opening a fixture. Hiring a professional is always your best bet, and its generally not very expensive.

  4. Okay, what am I missing here?  The box she installs is NOT the ceiling fan box they show at the beginning of the video!  So how does this demonstrate how to install a ceiling box fan?


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