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Watch How to Program a Thermostat – The Home Depot

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You will learn how to optimize the programmable settings to efficiently heat and cool your home and save you money on energy costs. For more information, visit

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  1. people out there, have an Hvac contractor get you a quality thermostat, have them wire it have them program it, have them warranty their work.  home depot is a great store, but their thermostats are cheaper for a reason, and you're stuck with DIY at that point.

  2. Interesting comments may I add! I am a little confused with the way the t-stat is set too low during the winter. I was always told that between 75 and 78 degrees was the comfort zone. Wouldn't it matter if it's winter or summer? I mean if you program a t-stat around say 76 degrees, wouldn't that space being in a residential or commercial bldg. remain at that constant temperature?

  3. In winter, setting your stat on 70 sometimes and then 62 when your away, then back to 70, is a BIG no no is you have a heat pump. You will pay A LOT more for electricity because when you go from 62 to 70 that is an 8 degree difference, and the AUX heat strips come on. Thats sucks some MAJOR power. If you have a heat pump, get a thermostat and set it and forget it. Leave it on a steady temperature all winter. And 78*F is too damn hot. I'll keep my A/C on 72 thank you.


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