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Watch How to Plant a Raised Garden Bed – The Home Depot

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ChrisFixIt, a project and product expert from our How-To Community, shows you how to build a raised garden bed kit, so you can start your own vegetable and herb garden.

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  1. bobby black is right….I never have done this but have read about it and you need something to keep the weeds down….I read if you use cardboard boxes and wet them down before putting soil on it it works great, keeps the weeds down and gives the worms something to eat…and helps them grow

  2. Weed blocking fabric stinks in MOST cases. Unless you have really bad soil underneath your garden bed, why A) block your plants from rooting deep into naturally nutritious soil, B) preventing highly beneficial earthworms from coming up into your garden, and C) creating an extra barrier that water has to drain through? Just pull weeds when you see them (you're going to get some weeds with or without weed fabric). Stay diligent. If you show love to your plants, they'll show love back!

  3. This was not actually putting in a bed, He was showing the basics of setting up a raised bed and putting in plants and did a very good job. There are many ways to personalize the installation to your own liking.

  4. he doesn't know what he's doing. the ground should be broken and the grass layer removed then some sort of weed barrier and perhaps a varmit barrier on the bottom. he just dumped the expensive dirt on growing grass. oh be sure and definitely talk to one of their UNEDUCATED 'consultants' and give them your soon to be worthless money.

  5. I've used these raised bed kits from Home Depot. The latest ones work really well. The older version didn't stay together on a slope but the new one connects tightly. What I really like is the kit is made out of cedar, which is safe for growing food. The other benefit is that the kits can be put together in different ways.

    You can put 4 inches or so of soil on top of the grass and have little problem but it is better to dig out the grass or put a barrier in.

  6. First of all, you should clear the grass and weeds before adding soil and compost to the raised garden bed, which should be built on a level area that drains well. Secondly, the plants were placed too close together considering they will grow larger and require more room to flourish, become healthy and bear vegetables.

  7. He should have put black plastic or a thick layer of newspaper down before he put his soil in. Weeds will overtake his plants the way it is now. As far as building the bed from scratch, all you have to do is get you 4 boards the length and height you want you bed to be and nail them together.


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