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Watch How To Box Braids Protective Style | Easy Steps For Beginners

Watch How To Box Braids Protective Style | Easy Steps For Beginners

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How To Install Box Braids Protective Style! Easy Technique and step by step instructions for beginners! I hope you enjoy! Xo – Nap

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  1. Love the style Whitney!! Hey I just saw you in Essence magazine, I was reading & was like Whaaat?? there she is!! & I always see you on the Shea Moisture commercial too!! Way to go girlfriend!! 💛💛

  2. Ok first I was thinking "wth is she gonna do with a third piece?" But 😱😱😱😱 holy crap!!! That looks so much easier then how my family and I have been braiding for idk how many years! Awesome like I'm really going to try this!

  3. ugh I wish the hairdresser I had was as gentle as you, my edges died when I got box braids done a few months ago. All broke off 🙁 no braids until March for me.
    Eventhough I'm 15 I really want to start doing my own braids. It's not the braiding part but I'm afraid it will look gappy? if that makes sense lol😂

  4. You look different with your hair in box braids, it seems like it brings out your eyes more. Also, I am currently going to school trying to receive my bachelors on Graphic Design and I am wondering if you can give me any advice? I wanted to know is it really worth it to get a bachelors degree in Graphic Design? If you consider how long I've been in which is about 9 years give or take several summer semester where I couldn't take any classes since the ones offered I had taken already? Please advise. Thank you.


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