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Watch How I Shape My Wash And Go | No Picks, No Heat, No Teasing – BIG CURLY HAIR

Watch How I Shape My Wash And Go | No Picks, No Heat, No Teasing – BIG CURLY HAIR

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A detailed video about how I shape my natural hair Wash and Go without using a hair pick, without any teasing, and without heat! I don’t like teasing my hair or combing through it when dry, because it can cause unnecessary breakage, so I came up with this SUPER simple method to add tons of volume to my natural hair Wash & Go without any damage! This easy tutorial will also show you how I make my Faux Bangs, so that you don’t have to cut your hair to get the look of bangs! This is SO SIMPLE, I hope you enjoy my BIG CURLY HAIR Routine, and as always, I hope it helps! XO, Nap!

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  1. Lol! I was trying to figure out why you were so winded but I forget you're pregnant ahaha.

    Your hair has been looking so much healthier. You always motivate me to be inventive with my hair.

  2. I wear a puff often not daily but often is wearing a puff damaging to hair? I don't usually do that to wet hair I wait til my hair is dry but I'm just trying to do other styles besides twist and stop breakage and actually retain length any tips would help me thanks

  3. I do two ponytails to achieve this…one on top and one on bottom. My middle section needs more tension from the lower ponytail because it's the tightest curl pattern. It makes rocking a wash and go so easy.

  4. Hi Whitney!! I have been following you for years. I just love your videos and your creativity, you inspire me so much. Thank you for providing us with great contentπŸ€—. I have started my own channel and would love for you to check it out my latest video whenever you get the chance!

  5. Why your channel isn't past 1 million subscribers is beyond me because your channel is so informative, entertaining, & definitely marketable & authentic. Keep doing your thing, Whitney. You literally saved my natural hair life back in 2011


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