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Watch Easiest 2 Ingredient Clay Mud Wash Recipe | Simple DIY Hair Care – Naptural85

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Hey Guys! Time to take it down a notch… I wanted to show you guys just how simple my homemade recipes can be! Here’s the most simple and easiest clay mud wash recipe you’ll find on the internet! It can be made in less than a minute, and involves only two ingredients for a creamy, smooth and naturally cleansing clay wash! I hope it helps! XO! Nap

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  1. I've been doing the clay wash from the MHM, which was a little more liquid-y and I just recently stopped doing it. Putting all that clay on my scalp just led to build-up no matter how I tried to combat it. I could scratch my scalp when it was wet and get residual clay allll under my finger nails. When I get back into using clay I'll be sticking to clay MASKS and keeping it away from my roots!

  2. After a lil over 2&1/2 yrs of being natural I just started doing mud washes on my hair and I love it!! I actually dwindled down to doing it after doing the max hydration method for 2 months and decided that there were too many steps. So now I mix bentonite clay, acv, aloe vera juice, oil, and conditioner (1/4 a cup of everything)together and leave it on my head for half an hr then rinse out, once a week, doing the cherry lola beforehand every other week :-)


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