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VIDEO: Week in My Life- MUG Class and behind the scenes at California office! { Makeup Geek }

Join me in my work routine! You also get to see a peek of one of my makeup classes. 🙂 Enjoy! A Week in My Life: Beverly Hills, Disneyland, and behind the scenes of Makeup Geek! –…

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  1. *Marlena, my cousin has the exact same issues with her health. It ended up
    being due to her breast implants. Thumbs up so she can see.*

  2. And we appreciate your sweet spirit and the encouragement we get from you.
    Not to mention the fabulous products you bring to us. So glad to see you so
    happy both at work and home!

  3. My mom had the same pains that you’re describing and it took a year and
    like ten different doctors to finally figure out that it’s her colon. She
    was a week away from getting her gallbladder removed when her friend said
    she had the same pains and it turned out to be the same thing. I hope you
    find out what’s going on with your health soon! 

  4. You are so dedicated to being successful and you deserve every bit of it.
    Hard working women need like you are definitely an inspiration to be
    healthy and happy and work for what you want. And you and cocoa bear have
    such chemistry together. I hope everything works out for you Marlena. You
    are amazing! 

  5. I’m so sorry about your stomach pains. 🙁 I get really bad stomach pains
    sometimes and I think mine are brought on by stress. I had my gall bladder
    out years ago, and sometimes I still get pains that feel like gall stone
    pains. It’s very frustrating to have health issues. Over the course of 4
    years I’ve lost more than 100 pounds, I actually had lost over 150 by last
    year, but the last few months have been awful and I’ve gained some back
    (like 20). I could not exercise with the intensity that I had been, and
    the weight comes back so quickly. I’ve had a lot of stress this year with
    my kids and some family stuff, and my body just doesn’t handle it well. I
    really hope that you’ll be feeling better. It does seem like you have a
    lot on your plate, and I hope you can get some much deserved rest!

  6. omg the puppy is super cute!!! You look so beautiful! Love your hair!
    Woohoo blushes can’t wait to try them!!! Didn’t know there was a MUG

  7. LOVE videos like this. Cocoa bear is sooooo handsome and Lady is so cute!
    Your laugh is wonderful and you look stunning as always, too. I hope YOU’RE
    staying happy and healthy, Marlena. You deserve the best after what you’ve
    been through.

  8. Just received my “MakeupGeek eyeshadow’s and I am obsessed!!! Such a great
    product Marlena! I love that they are also made in the USA!!!!!!


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