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Everything Mentioned (CLICK SHOW MORE BELOW)** hairbrush Naked Basics 2 Palette Bare Minerals eye shadow duo in The Top Shelf…

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  1. You are glowing! You look so beautiful 🙂 Are you guys revealing a name for
    the baby? OR doing a video with Brad? That would be amazing to see! Hope
    you’re feeling great! <3 XOXO

  2. Don’t know if my comment posted lol! But it would be so cute for you and
    Brad to do a video together and do a Q&A! <3 XOXO. You're glowing and look
    so great! Hope you're feeling great too!

  3. I have had good experience with the real techniques face brushes. I don’t
    own any of the eye brushes. I think part of the reason that the powder
    brush isn’t as dense as the sigma brushes is because it’s not meant to be a
    kabuki style brush. Just my thoughts, but like you said still a great

  4. That brush is one of the worst brushes in Real Techniques line. I love the
    crease brush. Perfect for my Asian eyes but they don’t sell single ones.
    Only set! The dome shape brush I use for blush.
    Those are the 2 I love the most. I like the sponge. To me beauty blender
    and RT sponge are not much different

  5. I think that the Naked2 Basics will grow on you! When i bought it, I was
    the same way as you, but now I have been reaching for it every day. And I
    also have the Bare Minerals duo, and I LOVE it! It is similar to the
    Alhambra NARS duo, but much easier to work with and silkier 🙂 Love this
    haul! I want to try that brush! 

  6. Tiffany, did you see that there’s a new IT Cosmetics palette? I just
    ordered it from the site (wasn’t in the store) and I can’t wait for it to

  7. For your Real Techniques Beauty Blender…I don’t know how you do it…but
    I wet mine then place it in a hand towel and squeeze the excess water out.
    it doesn’t dispel water on to my face at all, and leaves a beautiful finish
    to my foundation. If you are just squeezing with you hand…try my
    technique. t works great. :)

  8. Need help finding eyebrow product I have fair skin and super dark black
    hair what’s a good color for my brows should I get black or brown?

  9. I just recently got the Top Shelf! I really like it and it’s the only Bare
    minerals ready eye product I have. It’s really pretty and great quality!

  10. Do you have a video talking about your most favorite brushes ever, like the
    ones you always reach for and recommend? If not you should make one! 

  11. I just can not get those real techniques sponges clean! Yuck! I loved it at
    first but once I noticed I couldn’t get all the water out of it or get it
    clean I was over it.

  12. Have you tried the Dior Beauty Blender? I bought it with the Dior Star
    Foundation and actually really liked it. It’s pretty dense and makes it
    easy to build up coverage on foundations. 


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