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Ulta Beauty Haul (& IMATS non-haul)

Everything Mentioned (CLICK SHOW MORE BELOW) mascara: Essie Belugaria hairspray eye liner conical iron…

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  1. oh my goodness lady, this may be the cutest i’ve ever seen you look! the
    hair color, style, your eye makeup, your adorable shirt! love it!!!

  2. Your hair looks great! I just chopped 5-6 inches, too, in. November and I
    am still getting used to styling it! 🙂 Claire 

  3. You might find the Tree Hut wash beneficial because of your youth and the
    more mild temperatures not causing the colder, drier skin of Pennsylvania.
    I don’t think it helps my skin. But the scrub and butter are great for my
    drier, older skin.

  4. The Tree Hut brand is also sold at Walmart and Target. Every store varies
    in the scents though. I have used their line foe years. I love the scrub
    and the body butter. I think their body butter is even better than The Body
    shops. I like those two scents best too: Hawaiian kukui and Brazilian Nut.
    Hope you enjoy the line as much as I do!!

  5. You have seriously become my favourite person to watch on youtube! I love
    your personality and you always look flawless! 

  6. If you don’t already have an eye makeup tutorial of what your wearing in
    this video.. would you consider making one? :)

  7. Your hair looks great! The curl is perfect for the length! My favorite navy
    liner is Chanel Marine. I’ve talked it to death, lol. 


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