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Travel Friendly In-Flight Beauty Tips

I’m going to show you my in-flight beauty routine for a long haul flight. You’re going to survive it and look fabulous at the same time 🙂 This is my mish-list of in-flight must have’s that…

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  1. Do you have a video for beginners in make up? I’m 14 about to be 15 and I
    was just wondering on any tips for starters?

  2. I love making makeup videos. but i can’t find a good concealer to cover up
    blemishes that dont look cakey! do you have any tips for finding a good
    concealer or foundation thats not cakey that still covers up?! 

  3. Apparently she’s never tried putting makeup in economy class or in the
    plane’s restroom! Space in economy? Blasphemy!!!lol XD

  4. Small tip: When I take long travels by train (it could work for planes as
    well) and I wanna take a nap without endning up looking silly, with my
    drool all over my seat, I just gently wrap my scarf around my mouth and
    nose (kinda like a ninja). This also helps me keep warm 🙂 So if my jaw
    shoud drop, nobody can tell.

  5. i never took Virgin America! looks sexy, yeah, haha.

    is that a business class seat?! looks comfy~ i wish i can travel in
    business class someday. i always save money for the transportation and
    hotel… so that i can spend more money on foods & restaurants. haha

  6. This is all lovely but when I fly I pretty much pass out and drool all over
    myself, I don’t think any beauty tips would save me

  7. How do you pack your carry on? makeup and skincare wise? ill be traveling
    soon but am unsure of how to pack my liquids, creams and what not.

  8. There is no passangers in the plane. Is she like a vip and got the whole
    plane to herself to film. Amzazing quality…What camera does she use.
    Beautiful video.

  9. Anyone else wonder how she did this? Did she just walk into an airport all
    like “Can I borrow a plane for a while? Also, can you please turn the
    lights pink? Sweet, thanks.” haha, I love it though!

  10. The title should be how to look like a crazy person on a plane… all
    you’re missing are the hair rollers and slippers, geez

  11. Why would you work so hard to look good when you’re on a damn plane? I just
    wear sweats and go 100% natural, no one’s killed me yet.

  12. I’ve been traveling for the past month…figured a Travel Friendly
    In-Flight Beauty tutorial makes sense 😉 Bon voyage!


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