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  1. I love it when you do these types of videos where you talk more about
    yourself! I really enjoyed it! Thank you for sharing! :)

  2. You’re funny! I’ve seen so many people do this, but you are the first one I
    watched. Glad I did. 🙂 Stay well. Blessings. 

  3. Great video. I agree Pretty Little Liars hasn’t been that exciting lately.
    Can’t wait to see your upcoming beauty haul. :)

  4. Don’t worry, I’m behind on reading the hunger games to. ;] lol I just
    started reading the first one recently. It’s really good though!!

  5. I love Mark Wahlberg, Fear is one of my favourite movies. It was great
    learning a bit more about you. Enjoy your day trip. :)

  6. OTP means “One Time Pairing”, so like 2 characters from a show that you
    would love to see together or your favourite couple on a show. Don’t worry,
    I’m 22 and I had no idea what it meant either! I had to watch a video where
    someone did know what it meant for me to get it haha :)

  7. I’m not much of a chocolate person either and when I tell people that, they
    look at me really weirdly and think I’m crazy. And I can’t believe you
    think PLL is being really slow, I have been LOVING it lately! Can’t wait
    for the next episode!


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