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‘Tis the Season: 12 Day Giveaway! Day 5!

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  1. I’m hoping someone will reply! Any skin care recommendations for dry skin?
    I have really dry skin (only on my face) and I wash my face every night
    before bed, but a lot of cleansers tend to dry out my skin. Even the ones
    that are for dry skin. I use moisturizer after and I use an SPF moisturizer
    in the morning.

  2. Congrats to briana. But i don’t understand how to play for this 12 days
    giveaway. What have i to do? i guess i have to post comments but where?
    thanks for help ;)

  3. To Keri Boston: I have really dry skin during winter time. I would suggest
    Aquafor, Its gentle enough to use every night before bed; in fact it so
    gentle that you can use it on babies that suffer with eczema or dry skin.
    Unfortunately it is pretty expensive where I live. 🙁 But I love it. It
    make my face soft and not dry, and since I use it at night I don’t have to
    worry about the shine it can leave depending on how much you use. Lol oh
    And for a day cream, I use Cetaphil in the cream. Its thinker than the
    lotion but for some reason it doesn’t feel thick or heavy on the skin. It’s
    also very gentle. Hope this helps! 


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