Time-saving Windows 8.1 tweaks

Speed around Windows 8.1 like a pro with these time-saving tips.

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  1. Fastest is setting the power button to shutdown.
    Control Panel -> Hardware and Sound -> Power Options -> Change what the
    power buttons do

  2. How do people not realize that the “start screen”is the new start menu?? It
    does the same thing as the old menu but looks cooler and adds it’s own app
    functionality. That’s why there was no start button in 8.0 to begin with. I
    find it hilarious.

  3. What were the developers of windows 8 thinking when they created this OS?
    They were high or something?

    Thanks Donald, great tips! It’s less annoying now~!

  4. Erm… I just configure my laptop’s power button to SLEEP.
    Also, I use a 4 char PIN to protect my PC. It’s quick enough.

  5. You know, I just set my power button to shut down when I press it, so when
    I want to shut down, I just hit the power button and it shuts down.


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