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ThomasAdrianna/Tatted Creole Goddess Inspired Look: Virgin Glam Malaysian/Indian Curly

Less Expensive Hair with the SIMILIAR Look…IN MY OPINION! Here is links if u did not see thomadadrianna vids:…

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  1. Ooohh shit!!! Get it girl I’m so excited to have a vid inspired by me!!! Love it u!

  2. Oohh shit get it girl! I’m excited to be apart of the vid even tho it was about adri! Thanks for watching me and subbing luv u look great!

  3. my leave it is not too short but not long either, as i am trying to grow it back out from prior heat danage, they have those different size rollers, try the smallest ones, if that does work add a track or two in between ur hair to blend better.Hope this helps!

  4. I hv the same hair in now but in 8″ hair. I used it to do a side puff ponytail. And it looks great! My hair is cut real short but enoug hair to spritz up and mold to one side. This hair is pretty,last long,and its BUDGET AND MOMMY FRIENDLY….Got two 8″ in 1b for 15.99 a pk…Great deal….


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