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FTC: oh yea I put ya’ll out in the video boiii lol Mannn so i end up finding Fuzzy Navel for .99 at another hair store in my city ACROSS TOWN lol ahhh I j…

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  1. @pcb813 im in the tampa area also, and lace fronts are ugly to me. i mean
    and then they throw it in ponytails which make them stand out even more! if
    you dont spend more than 1,000 dollars on a lacefront then aint no way its
    going to look good

  2. oh SNAP, beez wax? I’m natural and I didn’t know your edges could get
    straight like that! Your hair looks like you have a fresh relaxer!

  3. @Phat2Fab65 Umm this is YOUTUBE LOL im not getting an A for grammer lol
    trust me I passed my speech classes, i’m in advance english classes but
    thanks 🙂 U know when it’s time to turn on “the proper speaking” and turn
    it off…well it’s OFF ALLL THE TIME on youtube 🙂 like i said Im not
    getting paid to talk speech professionally so i dont thanks tho 🙂 plus
    people from other place may think i’m county but here in my state I talk
    like everyone else lol so you gotta think about that too

  4. @prettyproblem16 aww thanks 🙂 yea she be rockin the lace but i cant get
    down wit them lol i dont wanna be apart of the florida’s lace front tragedy
    clique lol

  5. Oh, and I have a question, do you have your hair in two ponytails like you
    usually wear it or do you have your hair braided down? I like the volume it
    has, which I know in the front is accomplished by razoring, but what about
    the back?

  6. @luckyinlife83 aw thanks and yea I have just mac NW45 concealer i have
    ALOTT on lol i was trying to do something and i seen it looking thru my
    camera in my mirror

  7. @gcsugirl LOLZ yea girl like i said some people say it makes their hair
    curly but once i flat iron my hair and put it on it’s straight sseriously
    lol people think i lie when i say im natural

  8. @Phat2Fab65 i named races because u might as well address every single
    person in the world if you felt that strongly about grammar. and what the
    hell does your grade and year relate to this? i never mentioned the word
    “accent” even once. and if you really wanted to address your statement
    directly to adri, you wouldnt of commented here on her video. u would have
    messaged or emailed her. u basically asked for the backlash. the fact that
    u couldn’t discuss it with her privately pisses me off.

  9. That whole lace wig thing. I feel u! lol That’s exactly why i refused also.
    lol just don’t kno it ridiculous in Florida lol

  10. OMG I live in Florida!!!!! Girlie I feel mine looks pretty Good=-( But I
    will agree I have seen some chicks That really need some help=-) and omg I
    was sooo going to buy this wig at my local Bss. and OMG OMG girl I thought
    I was going crazy with that beeswax it wouldn’t work for my hair. Thanks so
    much for clarifying that you flat iron The front of your hair first=-) I
    was starting to think I had alien hair or something lol=-)

  11. yesssssssssssssssssssssssssss finally somebody sees what I see ever damn
    day.. these gurl down here in FL r crazii with the lace wigs.. its like
    they dnt know how to wear them … ugh sooo ugly…..I mean damn boo ur
    hairline shouldnt be touchin ur
    eyebrows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and if its NAPPY… TAKE
    IT OUT… and y the fuck do they use soo much glue?? omg and dnt let me
    start with the fake baby hair!!!!! lmfao wow…

  12. heyy adri i love love love thys but everytime i watch ur videos i always
    wonder if beeswak is greesy or jus plain waxy or if it ever gets waxy i
    have had horribles incidents with jam n i do not wanna go throgh that with

  13. Have you tried Proclaim beezwax? do you like it too? I bought it today-
    they didnt have the murrays

  14. HEy Grl i love ur videos by the way! U remind me of myself so much bcuz i
    stay changing my hair on a constant but i wanted to let u kno
    that they dropped the price to $19.99 now..


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