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  1. I know I am extra late Adri, but I totally agree and I am glad that someone
    else noticed that this shampoo/conditioner is pretty bad. I have clients
    that use it and feel the same way (many of whom are natural). Some people
    will use products just because they are raved about and have no idea that
    the product is really not good. From my experiences, I would have to see a
    good result in person using this to believe it does anything but overdry
    natural hair. I use Hair One for dry hair and love it!

  2. Yes you may have asian hair; but everybody knows that oriental people have
    very different hair to the indians, pakistanis, sri lankas and other
    asians. chinese, japanese and koreans ect [ORIENTALS] tend to have thin
    hair even though you are also asian! Somalians and egyptians have soft hair
    compared to other africans like nigerians ghanians kenyans ect but it
    doesnt change that they are african? So thats just goes to prove my point
    that different types of Asians can have different hair.

  3. Er, I said whoops because in my other comment I misspelled “typo” Keep
    making yourself look like a moron.

  4. I feel the need to cuss because you think its okay to refer to black people
    as ‘niggers’ so I will treat you like the low life scum you are; you are
    very stupid if you think using curse words means I believe that I am coming
    across as intelligent – so just fuck off. all I have to say is you are
    really ignorant if you feel the need to refer to a black person as a
    ‘nigger’ – so fuck you and have a nice life with your small, backwards
    mind. No longer going to waste time replying to you. Bye 🙂

  5. everybody makes mistakes 😉 but your entire life is a mistake if you are so
    ignorant as to believe that your race affects your level of intelligence 😀
    … do you not realise how stupid you look? seriously now. i know i said i
    wouldnt reply but i just wonder if you dont feel the slightest bit
    stupid…i mean your comments don’t affect me; they are just so stupid. you
    think saying my race affects my intelligence affects me? i know my
    intelligence; you dont.. one ignorant bastard. that is all.

  6. I use the conditioner and it is better if not just as good as my salon
    products. It healed my split ends. I have very wavy and curly hair, it
    thick and somewhat course. I have virgin hair but I’m prone to split ends.

  7. I just started using this but it leaves my natural hair really dry but it
    seems to work wonders on weaves. Go figure

  8. …maybe you’re protein sensitive or have too much protein boo. When you
    used too much protein your hair tends to get stiff.


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