The iWatch: What it could be

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  1. I actually don’t want Apple to release an iWatch. It’s so stupid, because
    it can do anything a phone can. It’s just a waste of money.
    Plus, Samsung released it and it flopped. Probably because their Galaxy
    Gear sucked as well, and they rushed released it and is probably just going
    to copy everyone else later on.

  2. I could see it as a sort of remote for home or car applications. Turn on
    the heat at home or open the garage, use it to change channels or start up
    your car.

  3. There is a iWatch prototype being tested by Tim Cook and many other
    Americans. It’s called a Nike Fuelband SE. You can see it on Tim Cooks’
    wrist. Wearables are the future and the iWatch is coming this year. 

  4. So Apple might make a smart watch with a small screen. They should make
    iPhone with bigger screen. Big hands and tiny iPhone doesn’t work well

  5. I only hope the price point is $99-125 tops… I refuse to pay for a watch
    that cost more than my iPhone or iPad . I could easily just tell time using
    my phone. 

  6. apple=puts a strap on the ipod nano, proclaims its a whole new design and
    the first of its type…
    most smart watches are relatively limited, how can apple lock it down
    more?…lets see

  7. I still don’t know why anyone would want a smart watch. I use my phone for
    smartphone stuff and it has a clock widget anyway. There’s no need for a
    smart watch. In fact, none of these watches really can do all that much.

    The Google Glasses on the other hand could be incredible by the time it
    get’s more feature packed (and voice and eye driven?).


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