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Taking My Hair Extensions Out & Extension Review

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  1. If you used glue in and chunks of hair were coming out you did not go to
    the right hairdresser. I use glue in all the time and my hair is still
    healthy and nothing comes out beside a few strands here and there.

  2. I’ve had these kind of extensions for about a week now and that part about
    how it feels like when you’ve had a ponytail is just so spot on. That
    feeling went away for me about two days ago and I’m so happy it did, now I
    can barely feel them. My hair is blue dyed with semi permanent hair color
    so I pretty much do the exact same things that you do regarding to washing
    and so on, best extensions you can get I feel like! :)

  3. Do you have these lipstick swatches tattooed on your hand? ’cause you have
    them in every video, it seems :)

  4. looks like a wig, no sense, your natural hair is better than that fake red
    ariel wig. I don’t like the color and the fakeness

  5. I have the same extensions and I LOVE them. My natural hair has grown so
    much and faster! The brand I use is dream catchers! They are amazing! 

  6. you look like a doll with the short hair, and the long hair. Just beautiful
    either way! You can so pull off the red hair. I would look crazy, you look
    amazing!! xxoo

  7. Beautiful!! I would love to see you back at brown hair. But then again I
    think any hair color looks great on you!


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