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Surprise Sister Make-Over

Comment below your fav outfit! Thank you so much to Macy’s for sending my sister so many clothes for this make-over! Thank you to everyone who offered to do her hair, but we didn’t have time…

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  1. Come with me for a surprise make-ever, makeup, hair and even clothes too!!!
    On my sister who hasn’t been able to leave her house much because of her
    Lyme Disease! I love her and I hope you love this video!

  2. To Ella B in the hospital with lung cancer…I can’t reply to you for some
    reason, but I want you to know I am praying for you, praying for comfort,
    strength, wisdom for the doctors and for you to know that no matter what
    goes wrong in this life on EArth, that God is waiting for you in heaven,
    where hopefully we’ll have mansions next to each other and we will be
    perfect and free from pain and just having more fun than 10 million
    disneylands! Jesus loves you so much…and after my dad died someone told
    me, sometimes God picks his most beautiful flowers for heaven when they are
    at their most beautiful in bloom! I love you so much! When you are afraid,
    just pray to God to be your comfort and joy and just ask him into your
    heart, and that you believe he died for your and our sins, and he is the
    way you know beyond a doubt that you will be in heaven forever!! I’m
    sending big prayers for you! I love you so much!!!!

  3. Ahhh she looks so beautiful! Beautiful before and beautiful after. Happy
    birthday and lots of prayers ❤️

  4. Outfit number 3 is my favorite, The colors are so vibrant and suit your
    sister so much! She looks beautiful, before and after! Praying that she
    feels better and is filled with all the love and joy in the world! 

  5. Happy birthday u two are AMAZing please do more videos together,ur all in
    my prayers bless u all ur so sweet and I’m just a huge fan , my fav outfit
    was 4 and 7


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