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Okay that was the craziest confusing and stupidest pick up lines I have ever gotten in my life LOLZ follow me on twitter!!!!!/thomasAdr…

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  1. Craziest line I ever got was “girl you so fine, I’ll lick your shadow” and
    the ever popular “I would drink your bathwater with a crazy straw” lmao

  2. o yea adri men make me sick i love dem but hell dey need to do betta…dis
    one guy came up to me n said can i have sum of ur fudge on top of my ice
    cream or sum otha shit dis guy said tlkin bout sum can u b my chocolate
    kiss im like HELLZZZ NO n kept on walkin den went to da store n got me sum
    chocolate bars lolzzz

  3. @soso48013526 what makes you think shes insecure about her skin color when
    the only thing she is doing is ranting about something that offended her??

  4. yea i kno what u mean by these dumb pick up lines… and all my life i’ve
    been getting “dang u r pretty for a dark skinned girl”, wtf that is
    ignorant, and an insult to dark skinned girls… i mean y be surprised that
    we cute? People are never gonna start being ignorant girl. This vid had me
    dying jus thinkin about those lines LOLz.

  5. lol me and my girl was talkin bout this the other day i hate the ah shorty
    ah lil mama i hate that just have a regular convo wit me lol ugh and they
    wonder y they get rejected

  6. Them Avatars is kinda sexy Lol..Its so crazy having to deal with you pretty
    for a dark skin on top of that you pretty for a big gurl like
    BIG=UGLY..Sometimes I wonder if they really think that line was gonna work
    or they jus wanted something to say.

  7. @RAWkSTARRSWAqq Girl, yes. yes YES. I get that one all the time. At first
    they look at me and be like, you aren’t American, and I’m like no. Then
    they go, you black but you don’t look black (now I’m as black as spades,
    like Uncle Ruckus say). Then when I tell them I’m Haitian, then they go, oh
    snap, I ain’t never met no Haitian look like you. You cute for a Haitian or
    a dark skin girl. I’m like, “really?” Kick rocks my nucca.

  8. So you heard some corny pickup lines. Big deal. Would you rather no men
    stepped to u at all? And most likely if you were attracted to the guy
    enough beforehand and he told you a corny pickup line you’d probably fake a
    laugh and get with him anyway. The only really disrespectful thing I heard
    was the guy touching your bottom. Thats just wrong. Yet I’ve seen girls
    giggle and get with guys after that too. The reality is the ladies are just
    as corny & even fraudukent as the guys are so to…

  9. As far as this pretty for a black girl issue. I’ve heard this before from
    women. Its like when a person comes at me and says oh you’re so articulate
    for a black man. I could choose to look at it as a backhanded insult and
    let it ruin my mood, or flip it in my head and look at it as them saying I
    have extra bonuses in my favor. I like darker skinned women, and yes if I
    see a fine one with a lighter skinned girl i’m most likely going after the
    darker skinned one. Its an added bonus in my eyes.

  10. this one guy gone tell me that! what dark skinned ppl cant be cute or look
    good or what ever! hecks yeah we can!! 🙂 its like they be sooo freakin
    shocked! we should tell them that same line too! lol

  11. I just started following you. Gir1, you are too funny. What are you
    studying in college? Stand up comedy?! Thanks for the laughs.

  12. iLove This Video ! All That You Said Is So True ; Every Time Ppl See Me
    They Act As If iAm Some Foreign Creature “The Fine ‘ She Thick …Bt Wait
    Dawg….SHE BLACK” Ugh ; It’s Time For The revolution To Be Televised ,
    It’s Such A Shame That iAm Compared To Every “Redbone” In The Room . My
    Best Friend Is Light Skinned & We’ve Discussed This Topic Over & Over Bt
    She Doesn’t Seem To Understand The Revelations iAm Practically Forcing Down
    Her Throat Smh .


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