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Summer Skin Essentials: Makeup, SPF, Body, etc.

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  1. The Chanel bronzer is totally a staple for me in summer, too. It was in my
    summer faves last year and if I decide to do another one this year it will
    surely be in it! Great picks-definately got some ideas on other goodies to

  2. What was the name of the sunscreen at the end ? My son is allergic to
    chemical sunscreen so the whole family has to use natural sunscreen. We use
    California Baby sunscreen for super sensitive skin but it is hard to rub on
    and gives a white cast to my face. Thx Tiffany!

  3. You pull off the frizzy beachy waves! I have naturally curly hair and
    frizzy beachiness looks so unbeachy. LOL

  4. I got the PHD 5 in 1 Styling Treatment you recommended. I used it this
    morning and I can really tell a difference in my hair. I used it with the
    AG High and Dry. Such a great combo! Thanks! 🙂 

  5. I have had the IT Cosmetics CC Cream and Chanel Bronzer on my wish list for
    a while now…I think I am just going to break down and buy them. Thank
    you for the suggestion for the sunscreen. I have never heard of that one,
    but I like to cut out the bad stuff when I can…especially with my kids.
    Thanks Tiffany. Very informative as always 🙂 xo Linda

  6. Please keep in mind that everything has chemicals in it. Everything is made
    up of atoms, and atoms are bound together by chemicals. I am glad that
    Tiffany pointed out that not all chemicals are bad, but I hate seeing all
    these YT’ers (Tiffany not included) going on and on about being “chemical
    free.” That is impossible, and those people lack a basic understanding of
    science and chemistry. Of course there are things to avoid, but not every
    product containing words you can’t pronounce needs to be vilified.

  7. Lady! That was such a great video… and I can not wait to try some of your
    recommendations! Thanks XOXO

  8. Hi, do u use the same time of St. Tropez and the Jergen?
    I bit confuse me if use st. Tropez what still need the jergen.

  9. How does the CC by it Cosmetics compare to Origins VitaZing moisturizer
    please?? I bought the Origins cream the first time you recommended it
    couple years ago and im on my fourth tube now! I am so interested why you
    switched over please?? is it only for coverage or is there other positives?
    Thanks so much!!!

  10. Hi Tiffany, I’m not sure if you’re of this or not but you can still order
    the Secret Wonderland scent online on Bath and Body Works Website. It was
    one of my favourite scents too! 


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