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Skeleton Makeup : Watchers of the Night

Halloween is never over for me 🙂 My book “Make Up Your Life” is now available! More info here! What’s dark, sexy and purple? Emo Lumpy Space…

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  1. OMG Mich, I did a Skeleton Hand 2 weeks ago (because I have a nailart
    channel) and it goes perfect with this look 😮 !! They totally match 😮 but
    your makeup is way better because of the shadows you created. It makes me
    happy that we did the same look 😀 I hope you get to read this. Love u!!

  2. that book cover had too much clevage Mish. Im not a prude, just, a make up
    book shouldnt have squashed up boobies haha

  3. Wonder why you never use grease paint for this kind of look, sure you need
    powder to set them unlike cream face paint but it’s much cheaper to use,
    especially since you care so much about making it “mainstream” to use

  4. Who cares if this is late for Halloween?! You could wear this other times
    too! This was incredible Michelle! You guys should be thankful she uploaded
    it at all and that she puts so much effort into her videos! Whatever people
    like Michelle do they get hate it’s unbelievable. Give her a break.

  5. I made this video months ago, but because I was traveling for 2 weeks non
    stop for my book tour, I finally had a chance to finish this video on
    Halloween night 🙂 I wish I was able to upload it sooner, but it was
    impossible….12 flights in 2 weeks, yikes! (first world problems right?)
    …Anyways, I’m thankful to be home! I appreciate you all so much for being
    patient! Missed you all soooo much *hugs* Stay tuned for more videos 😀
    xoxo Mish

    all you ignorant people need to learn how to read, wonderful tutorial

  6. 4 all ya haters out there: here’s why she didn’t upload on Halloween:
    1. read the description: Halloween is never over and she didn’t have time.
    2. today is day of the dead, which this look is perfect 4
    3. there’s Halloween parties after Halloween, which I m having

  7. People, it’s just a make-up tutorial…and a great one at that. Who cares
    if Halloween is over? There are costume parties that happen all times of
    the year (not just Halloween) so this tutorial could be used for that.
    People also cosplay….also all year round not just Halloween so it could
    be used for that. People have Halloween parties AFTER Halloween as
    well…its also Day of the Dead on November 2nd so…this tutorial could be
    used for that!

    Michelle has a life outside of YouTube. If you bothered to read the
    description you’d know that she made this AGES ago. It was intended to be
    uploaded before Halloween but life got in the way (as it does) and
    unfortunately it wasn’t ready in time. Michelle doesn’t live to please you
    and she doesn’t live for this channel. She has a life outside the internet
    and a successful one at that.

    Besides, if you’re relying on someone else’s imagination to come up with
    YOUR Halloween look then you’re a very sad, dull person without a creative
    bone in your body.

  8. Can everyone Please stop complaining that she posted after Halloween! She
    Edits her own videos! And due to her new book she’s been traveling a lot
    for book signing and I believe some interviews in talk shows. She she’s
    been a very busy girl. Cut her some slack! Just be glad she post the damn
    thing in the first place! Plus Halloween isn’t over for everyone! People
    are still having parties and stuff. And Today is the day of the dead! So
    people can still use this costume after Halloween. So leave Michelle alone.

  9. It’s looks like it’s so impossible to make a skeleton on totaled with such
    good structure and on point. Also congrats for 7 mill subscriber mish. I
    get so excited every time when u upload a video. 


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