Should I Wash Raw Chicken?

Our cooking expert Marge Perry discusses whether or not you should wash raw chicken. Get more from Marge here:…

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  2. To each their own. For years I’ve washed my chickens before I cooked them.
    I have a spray bottle of bleach and water that I use to wash down surfaces
    after I’m done, then I scrub with soapy water.

  3. I just don’t understand how people out there don’t wash their
    meats…Coming from the Caribbean we always make sure to wash our meats w.
    vinegar and lemon/lime juice before cooking it. This kills the bacteria and
    raw smell on the meat and also gets rid of all the dirty hands that touched
    it before especially the butchers hands who deals with plenty of meats
    through out the day… then when your done as hotdrumchick said you need to
    make sure your area/surfaces are cleaned w. bleach. 

  4. I always wash chickens before working with them. The first thing I always
    do is to leave water running through it.

    Will it help to avoid contamination or something like that? I have not
    idea. But what I sure of, is that when I dry it, it makes 100 times more
    easy to work with it, bc you are not working with a slippery chicken that
    can be dangerous if you are going to cut it.


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