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Sex in College + crazy college story LOL be safe!

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  1. I was just watching the Players Club & the part when Ebony got raped.
    Hanging with all them Boys & she thought nothing was going to happen to
    her? Yes, please be safe even if you are not a stripper.

  2. Girl i do the same thing call me too cautious nut if i ahve a bad vibe i
    always write down the street and keep my gps on I DON’T PLAY DHAT !

  3. Giiiiirl ain’t nothing wrong with being the mediator!!You wasn’t playing
    with all them razors…its better safe than sorry!!

  4. I was out of high school b4 it happened. I used to lie all through high
    school saying I wasn’t because sometimes it is not received well. I just
    didn’t want to stand out because of that so I lied like a rug.

  5. I’m so glad you said everything you did! I used to have to tell my
    boyfriend all the time to stop telling his friends I’m still a virgin. He
    thinks I’m embarassed about it but A) It’s private, nobody’s business but
    mine and his. B) I’m afraid of being targeted due to some pervs fantasies!

  6. I do believe you can be a born-again virgin. If you lie once, you are
    inherently a liar. But if you stop lying you are not a liar anymore. So
    when you stop having sex, you become a virgin. Of course this happens over
    time. Not having sex for a few weeks doesn’t make you a virgin, a dedicated
    life to abstinence does.

  7. Something similar happend to me except they got me an my friend in the
    house like locked in there I agree u girls need to be safe these niggas ate
    crazy had it not been for my lil paranoid ass and having my police friend
    on stand by who knows what would have happend

  8. Oooooohhhh….so…yal invited some guys but ended up riding in a car with
    with sum other guys. T_T that was yal mistake number one. also, ladies,
    recognize when ur homegurl is a big hoe. ur homegurl brought u to the pool
    party becuz she wanted to fvck sum guy. u should’ve stayed home.


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