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Sephora/Lush Haul & Benefit Push Up Liner REVIEW

Everything Mentioned (CLICK SHOW MORE BELOW)** Sephora #41 brush Boscia Purifying Gel Cleanser Benefit They’re Real Push Up Liner…

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  1. I saw the Benefit liner on QVC and they said it was a revolution in makeup
    and sooooo easy to use….and I just thought ‘nope, if it looks too good to
    be true then it probably is’. You can’t ever replace a good liner brush
    with a rubber tip ffs. Thanks for the review and for saving my money!

  2. Thank you for your honesty. I get gratis as an mua at Sephora and this
    truly is awful! I see what Benefit was trying to do, but it just didn’t
    work. I ended up reaching for my Laura Mercier creme liner instead. Now
    THAT stuff is gold! Always appreciate your videos– you’re awesome! 

  3. This is the best review I have seen on this Push Up Liner. I just bought it
    but haven’t used it yet so this is good to know. I am so intrigued by that
    Sephora Brush and the Big shampoo. Great information Tiffany. Thank you!
    PS. I totally agree with you on sent products. I think it provides an
    opportunity to get more info and opinions out there. Keep the good reviews
    coming :). 

  4. I also have just recently gone back to the Big shampoo—I forgot how well it
    worked with my hair 🙂 I love the way my scalp feels after it.
    Honestly, I don’t get the hype for the Benefit liner. Thank you for the
    detailed demo and review! It looks like such a pain to use… Even when I
    see people raving about it while showing how they use it, it STILL looks
    like a pain and something that takes way too long. 

  5. I am a Sephora brush junkie I have over 10 of their new pro brushes and the
    58 precision foundation is such a unique brush but i’ve been using it
    everyday! A must have if you do any sort of highlighting and concealing or
    under the eye!

  6. I recently attended a lush event and we got to make that catastrophe
    cosmetic face mask. It was amazing 🙂


  7. I sooooo agree with your opinion on the Benefit gel liner! The little dry
    balls get all over my face (and everywhere else) when I use it! Arghhhhh!
    Cool concept, but I can’t take the mess! xoxo

  8. BIG is seriously one of the best shampoos ever! Now I want to go to LUSH
    cause it’s been a while and every time I go in there the smell like
    hypnotizes me haha! I will have to pick up that sephora brush cause it
    looks amazing for foundation! Thanks for the tips on the push up liner
    cause I was going to pick it up but my inner gut kept telling me NOOOO!!
    You look gorgeous as usual! Xo Ivett

  9. I can’t get enough LUSH! =D I feel like a princess using their products lol
    =D Love your haul and review! I want to try some of these products!!!

  10. Finally an honest review on this liner. I kept seeing all these LOVE THIS
    reviews, but they are demo-ing and it just looks terrible, and I am like
    how can you like this?
    Most of the big gurus come and go for me. But you have always been on my
    list, because you are so honest. Thank you Tiffany :)

  11. I was so relieved to see your review of the benefit liner. Ulta sent me a
    trial size as a gift and I really didn’t like it at all. After the second
    or third try I threw it out. Thought it was just me. Glad to know I
    wasn’t alone.

  12. Thx 4 giving an honest review on this liner! Of all the vids I’ve seen–U &
    Nikkie seem 2 b the only ones giving this liner a true review! Much

  13. their solid shampoos are awesome, love the shower jelly sweetie pie,
    magnaminty mask, toothpaste tabs leave my teeth softer than any regular
    toothpaste and I’ve tried many, love charity pot, love their lips scrub,
    and their bath bombs bubble bars are awesome. Haven’t tried everything from
    them, but everything I have has at the very least been good or just

  14. Looking elegant and classy as usual!! I’m glad you reviewed it- I’m not
    buying it now. Thanks!!


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