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SCAMMER!!! BEWARE! I done seen it all smh

be careful guys……FAKE thomasadIrianna “l” is in the middle To see what the actual page looked like go look on my instagram or click the link below: http:…

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  1. “30 year old with, with 5 kids who want some WEAVE”…. Tell ummm ADRIANNA!
    That is some childish, retarded, ignorant, CRAP!

  2. i just got a email today… and they want you to click on a link.. people
    trying to hack into your info.. so just to let everyone one know do not
    click on anything just delete it.

  3. hi, i love your videos..been watching them for years! I tried going to the
    giveaway page to sign up but it has been disabled. Is that permanent or
    just for now..or mayb im doin sumthin wrong??? Hate you r goin thru all of
    this …crazy people..but just to let you know, they say imitation is the
    highest form of flattery so u must be doin sumthin right!!!

  4. I LOVEEEE you Adrianna!!!!! And you are not full of sh*. Do not let these
    ignorant people get you down.

  5. I can’t believe all this BS for hair – I laughed soooooooo freaking much
    F-u-n-n-y. You should be on stage. You are not full of it.

  6. I’ve been rocking with u since the bliss curls days. u are not fulla shit.
    u one of the realest out here..

  7. that sad for people stealing ppl information on youtube they no life at all
    go find another hobby and get some business so where else . #real
    subscriber on youtube # Not Fake Subscriber

  8. It is most likely foreign folks this type of stuff is apart of their daily
    hustle they make fake sites and all they look toward subjects that get
    great amounts of attention such as hair, loans etc. i had to get my number
    changed, flag my ss# bank account#s changed. Its awful and they harass
    leaving emails smh, yes be very caregul people

  9. Can you give tips on interning I plan to do it very won and can’t find many
    videos on it. Tips like dressing and interviews


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