Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Review

My full review of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge! Get it here: Samsung Galaxy S6 – Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge – Great Deals on Tech! – http://amzn.t.

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  1. Love HTC but Samsung killed it this year .hopefully HTC has a new design
    ,Sony sensor camera and maybe call it the HTC two instead of HTC one m10

  2. Let me just say you are one of only 2 people whose opinions I trust when
    talking about technology. None of your videos have ever failed to amaze me
    with both the quality of content and clarity. Thank you for producing such
    incredible content. I diffidently see you reaching 1m subscribers in the
    next year or two.

  3. I went for the 128GB standard variant. At first I really wanted the edge
    but after using it in hand and realizing how thin the sides were I just
    couldnt see myself using it. Great vid!

  4. Love the edge, to me the edge will always be what I expected the iPhone 6
    to be of Steve Jobs was still alive 

  5. Just discovered your channel and I’m very impressed with this review. Keep
    it up man, and you’ve just earned a new subscriber. ;)

  6. Really is there a need for the side curves??? Maybe but it just makes it a
    bummer because if you drop it, the screen is sure to break and thus you
    spend more money to fix it. This in turn, gives more money to Samsung.
    Doesn’t seem very wise.


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